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It seems to me that we struggled to survive for thousands of years so that today each of us can have 30 seconds of fame.

Our latest accomplishment may be our last.

It’s winter.

My book Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings featured in San Francisco Book Review and Manhattan Book Review.

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102 thoughts on “On Fame #poem #flash fiction #thoughts

    1. Thank you so much for your comment sweetheart.
      “winter of the heart” I love that.
      Sending everyone plenty of love.

      1. Snow here. Lots of wrecks on the roads. How’s your ankle, Maya and Mr. Churchill?

      2. Snow here too. Be careful. Maya and Mr. Churchill are doing wonderful. My ankle is ok. Thank you for asking. I can walk (of course slowly). I can stand up for longer periods of time. It bothers me that it’s still swelling.
        Maya and Mr. Churchill send kisses to everyone.

  1. Ace.

    I was thinking something not dissimilar recently: a 30 second clip filmed on a phone by Joe No-one of the events in Tacoma the other night where a police officer, caught in the midst of a mob racing cars on an intersection, plows his vehicle into the crowd in an attempt to escape. Whether it was a deliberate act or the result of panic was almost of no consequence. What caught my attention was the amount of phones clamped to eyes, held aloft like clubs and the brays of ecstatic stupidity. It is winter.

    Hey, what became of 15 minutes?

    1. Nick, thank you for sharing your thoughts. What about 20 min? Most of us can’t focus anymore.
      I read somewhere that the attention span of the average blogger is about 30-40 seconds. That says a lot.

      1. Agreed – even when I write I have to constantly take breaks to read other things and then come back to my writing – I can’t stay focused long enough to finish a single poem in one go!


      2. Can you believe that? Your comments in my spam folder? I have to have a talk with WP.
        Thank you for sharing your thoughts David. That’s probably the case for most people.

      3. yeah most of the time, I appreciate the spam filter… but sometimes it’s really weird – I can’t figure out how it “decides” to filter certain innocuous comments out!

      4. I can’t figure that out either. Sometimes I thing it has nothing to do with WP and it has more to do with my VPN. However, since it’s not happening across the board the explanation does not hold. I guess we have to endure WP’s erratic behavior 🙂

  2. This is absolutely, invariably wise. Fame is after what each one of us wants somewhere in our life.
    A wonderful and insightful read dear friend. It’s winter. I hope not for too long.

    1. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you Shanyu. You are a sweetheart. This winter should pass too.
      Hugs 🤗🥰❤️

      1. Ok, I guess. I’m still learning to pace myself. I walked for one whole hour last week, and was fine until I wasn’t. Then I had problem walking back home since I had no crutches and, clearly, stayed in bed the next couple days.
        Did you start therapy?

      2. Sorry to hear about that BO. I hope you feel better now.
        I did start therapy.. so to speak. I do not want to go to therapy. The doctor prescribed only exercises. I can do those home. I can walk pretty well. My ankle is stable now, not as stable as before, but it’s getting there. I don’t understand why is still swelling. That gets me. I have this idea that it will never stop swelling and I will not be able to wear any kind of shoes but snickers.
        Please take care of yourself Bo. Sending you plenty of love. How is little B?

        I saw your article published by Spillwords. I can’t wait to read it 🙂 It should be good.

      3. It still fresh so it’s not unusual that it swells. I was doing good, but when I overburdon it, it swells again 7 months later. How about that?
        At least I’m wearing normal shoes, so there…

      4. Please try not to overdo it. Rest as much as you can. I am glad you can wear normal shoes. That’s real progress ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Congratulations on your nomination for, Piece of the Year with Spillwords (If I say I love you). Such a well-deserving nomination and words that will melt your heart. I have already placed my vote, beautiful Button.

    This piece was precisely put and short, but how many questions it provokes inside my head. It begs for one to stop and contemplate why we work so hard to create something others will hopefully resonate with, and yet we move forward trying to better our skills so that we will be read, heard, played, or watched. What are all the things that drive us? If I am candid, it is a beautiful feeling to be read by others, and I feel compelled to write my inner feelings down.

    I am sending you lots of my love, Button.

    1. My dearest honeybun,

      First thing first. Are you feeling better? This is the most important thing. Please let me know.

      Thank you for the congrats and the vote. You are very sweet. I am humbled by your support. I saw half hour ago that my piece – If I say I love you- was nominated for Publication of the Year. I am deeply grateful and humbled by the nomination.

      I am glad you liked my today’s post. Yes, you do ask plenty of questions honeybun.
      “What are all the things that drive us? ” This is deep. I may need to write 10000 pages 🙂
      “If I am candid, it is a beautiful feeling to be read by others, and I feel compelled to write my inner feelings down.” It is wonderful to be read by others. I feel the same. I am deeply grateful to my readers. However, the piece refers to our present condition in the light of the new technologies. The speed of life increased considerably and that has plenty of consequences on all of us.

      I am sending you more love and blessings.
      Let me know how you feel sweetheart.

      1. I am feeling better, thank you Button very kind of you to ask my friend.

        I wondered if you were so busy that you had not even seen that you were nominated for “piece of the year.” Such an honor to be recognized by Spillwords as there are so many talented writers. I love this gorgeous piece.

        You are so right about the technologies and consequences. Yet still even within these crazy frantic times I feel blessed as you do to be read. Yet the feeling of being in such a rush to respond to everything in a timely manner is trying. I find myself not having ample time to express all that I feel from those I read.

        Thank you for your love and blessings and they are coming right back at you. Love honeybun

      2. I am so glad you feel better. Can you write?

        I am busy sweetheart. Last week I did not post and I hardly looked at my WP app. It is what it is. The nomination is an honor and. as I said, I am bumbled by it.
        “Yet the feeling of being in such a rush to respond to everything in a timely manner is trying.” Tell me about 🙂 I know the feeling.

        More love and blessings to you honeybun. Enjoy the rest of the day.

      3. Yes, I can write now, I just can’t work on the computer as much or my shoulders hurt pretty badly. The twelve cortisone shots in my upper shoulders help with the pain, so I had to limit my writing and give the shots a chance to work. I am so much better now. I can’t even imagine how you do it Button. Just do what you can as the people that follow and love you and your work understand you are extremely busy. You have a great day too. Sending love, honeybun

      4. I am thrilled you feel better. 12 cortisone shots? You are my heroine. I am glad you can write now.
        I know how I do it. I get up at 6 am and I don’t stop till midnight. What I don’t understand is how those who love me continue to love me apparently more with everyday that goes by. There are moments when I really feel guilty but… Can I change everything? Yes, I can and I feel blessed because I can. Do I want to? Not yet. I still have things I want to accomplish. I’ll keep pushing 🙂

        Love you
        G (button)

      5. That is the hard working Button I know. You are amazing. They love you for the same reasons I do. Your work is such a beautiful gift, you never disappoint and they understand you work full time as a professor, are working on your second book and reaching out every chance you can. I don’t know how you have been able to put so much work on Instagram. Amazing really, I still can’t figure it out. 💕❤️🦋🌸🌼🌹🌹🌹🌹🌻🌻🌻

        Love you,

      6. Thank you hon. You are so kind. I did not put any work on Instagram. I posted 8 times. That’s nothing. There are people who post 3 to 4 times a day. On a different note, I impressed with people’s work on Instagram and Twitter. Poems need to be shorter. Learning how to write a good short piece it’s an art that I do not master yet.

      7. Well that is more than I have done. I do have a presence on Twitter though. You are right people work real hard on both of these platforms. I just can’t find time to do them justice and you are right it is a special niche.
        Blessings and many hugs Button.

      8. At the end of the day one cannot excel on all platforms. I like blogging the most. So here we go.
        Many more blessings to you too honeybun.
        Have a beautiful evening

    1. Thank you so much my dearest Punam. I hope you are ok. Sending love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. So happy to see you recognized yet again on Spillwords, Poetess. You verses have kept me inspired and push my own expectations. Thanks for being just so you! xoxoxo

    1. Brad, that’s so nice of you to say. You brought tears in my eyes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      “You verses have kept me inspired and push my own expectations. Thanks for being just so you! ” Those lines mean the world to me. When are you submitting next my dearest poet?

  5. So…Live each moment for the present. I’m doing it right now. Unfortunately, it won’t last. I can only breathe and try to slow down my mind when I remember.

    1. David, thank you for your comment. I hope it lasts very long and you enjoy every minute.

  6. I’ve trained myself to focus, Gabriela, despite what is going on around me. There are times I am answering comments or writing and my husband insists on talking. I keep on writing, look up, say not now and continue. I admit it is SO not easy to concentrate on account of what is going on, but I am determined I will not, even in the Winter, fall to corruption and fear. No! Love is the answer. And I shall maintain my convictions to my last breath! xo

    1. That’s a wonderful reply sweetheart. I admire your determination. You are an angel Amy. You are here to gift us love. Many blessings to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Take us with you 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

      2. That is exactly my intention. However, the others must be willing to come with me. Not all do, Gabriela. Love is scary to some. Complete honesty is scary to some. Vulnerability is scary to some. Yet I am here willing to show the Way. I’ve been taught to put the ways of the world aside in order to walk the Way of Love. This is not an easy journey ….. yet …. I wouldn’t be where I am today and I would not trade this place for anything!! xo

      3. PS This does not mean I am not informed regarding present day events. Some days I wish I was not! I’ve been red-pilled and if you don’t know what that means watch “The Matrix” (movie) when the main character is offered a choice between the blue pill, and all of his life remains the same, or to take the red-pill to see the truth. Despite me knowing what I do, and believe me, what I know is horrifying, I still will not be “dictated” by the world and I do insist on living in my world according to me. I don’t think I’ve prayed so much in my life regarding the truth of what is going on in the world. xo

    1. Good morning Cindy. Thank you so much. You are a sweetheart. Whishing you a wonderful day. I know… Harry…

      1. Hello Gabriella. It’s a matter of time to order and read. Imagaine when we’re not in lock down.. 🤣🤣 You to and xosxoxoxo thanks.. Harry is happy to today 🙏 didn’t bark all night 👏👏👏❤️

      2. My pleasure Cindy. I am so glad Harry is happy today. Enjoy
        Love and huge hugs.

      3. oh thank you sooo much! me too!
        ❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗❤️❤️🤗❤️🤗 to you too!

  7. It is such an elusive phenomenon. It naturally arises from the inner work done. We all know of examples of a burning star that burnt itself out too quickly. Yet our sun has shown brightly each day for the long run. I want to thank you for this reminder and your writings are a work of beauty in process.

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful and thoughtful comment. It means a lot to me.

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