Amor, Amore, Mon Amour – A Poem From My Poetry Collection Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings

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amor, amore, mon amouramor, amore, mon amour
love strikes like the Mistral in Saint-Tropez
winds, hallucinations of pianos,
decide to howl in D major
enigmas move inside the wombs
incubations murmur under the phases of the moon
bewitched, allegories of love raise odes to exasperated nudes
a prophet gazes at a virgin sybil
whose liquid eyes foretold our love in gold
reflections, lava of our souls,
a mirror hangs itself onto the wall in the red room
a phoenix rises
our bodies drown
into the liquid time of the Mediterranean
amor, amore, mon amour
the splendid flesh of a gestating poem
washes our singular and frenzied souls
amore colpisce come il maestrale
nei venti di Saint-Tropez, allucinazioni di pianoforti
decidono di ululare in re,
enigmi maggiori muovono dentro l’intimo:
mormorio, incubazioni sotto le fasi della luna
stregate allegorie d’amore sollevano ondine a nudi esasperati
un profeta guarda una vergine sibilla
i cui occhi liquidi predissero il nostro amore
nei riflessi dorati, lava delle nostre anime,
uno specchio appeso al muro nella stanza rossa
una fenice solleva
i nostri corpi affogati
nel tempo liquido del mediterraneo
amor, amore, mon amour 
la splendida carne di un poema in gestazione
lava le nostre anime singolari e frenetiche

Italian translation by Flavio Almerighi.

Passions featured in San Francisco Book Review
Passions featured in Manhattan Book Review.

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80 thoughts on “Amor, Amore, Mon Amour – A Poem From My Poetry Collection Passions: Love Poems and Other Writings

    1. Thank you so much Nico. Sending you and your wife all the best. May you have a blessed week.

  1. (Page 98) What a gorgeous choice to have translated to one of the beautiful love languages, Italian. An expression of love and the power it has to make everything still while our senses are heightened to a point of the unimaginable.

    “hallucinations of pianos, decide to howl in D major
    enigmas move inside the wombs”

    “The splendid flesh of a gestating poem washes our singular and frenzied souls”

    Such rich imagery describing love and union which moves one’s thoughts all over Saint-Tropez. This is such a wonderful example of why one falls in love with your work which can’t be restrained by the hard pages which bind your pieces together.

    Sending you hugs, love and prayers dear Button. Love (J) Honeybun

    1. Honeybun, you humble me beyond words. Your comment is beautiful and the praise made me blush.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for each and every word. Thank you for your support and your graciousness. You took my breath away.
      May you be forever happy and blessed.
      Love you
      G (Button)

    1. Hello Bo. Thank you. I am glad you think so.
      I don’t know. I’ll go to the doctor next week and I will know more then. Problem is I am not well emotionally. How are you baby?

      1. I guessed. That’s why I’m asking. It will take a while. Obviously, you can’t really feel excited about it.
        Make sure you have an MRI done, and hopefully you’ll be on the mend after you get rid of the bandage. Until then, books, relaxing music and ice. After a couple months, you can start regularly enjoying hot baths (preferably with some sea salt; they relax muscles and help soothe the stiffness, at least temporarily.)

        It WILL pass.

        I’m slowly getting better. Looking forward to the swimming pool tomorrow.

      2. Bo, you are sweet. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am afraid that after I get rid of bandages I will be out and about. I need to walk. I need to prerserve my sanity.
        I am soooo glad you are getting better. Enjoy the pool and let me know how it feels after.
        Sending love.

      3. For me, there’s nothing like water. It got cold here so I don’t easily get depressed when I don’t go out. You can imagine what it was like to be locked whole summer and autumn.

        Hang in there, dear.

  2. Another beautiful piece….you choose the words so delicately….stitch them together to create this beautiful imagery….you’re “just” not a poet or an artist….you’re much more that that….the words flow in your veins….much love, dearest Gabriela ❤️ ✨

    1. Aw….aw.. aw… what a sweetheart you are. Thank you so much. Your words make the winter sing and the flowers whisper. You are a poet par excellence.
      Love and huge hugs.

      1. You’re welcome G….you’re too kind to put me in “par excellence”….and your words make the night glow….just like when moon light falls upon the winter snow….much love & hugs

  3. I laughed out loud reading this. My brain cannot comprehend how you write the way you do. You put your words together to create not only a story, but feelings, emotions and images all together. I am just utterly amazed……..laughter as I am completely speechless.

    1. My Dearest Wendi, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful words. They brighten my day.
      Sending love and blessings your way.

      1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you so much Cindy. You are such a sweetheart. I hope your Sunday is going well.

    1. Thank you so much Eric. You are so dear to me. “that this the way to learn to speak Italian, to feel words that mean something” Yes, it’s a way of learning a language.
      I will take Bo’s advice, but I am so down Eric. Hopefully it’s not forever.
      Take good care of you my friend.

      1. Oh, Eric, thank you for your beautiful words. I can only hope.
        Sending a hug.

    1. AW.. Ben. Thank you so much.
      Actually your praise defies my ability to thank you enough.

      Have a wonderful week. You are a great friend. Thank you again!

  4. Oh Dear Sweet Lord!!! This is…..sigh….everything. Just beyond. I remember this beautiful poem!!! Ah. LOVE!!! Thank You, Beautiful!!! 💖💖💖💐🌟🤗💖💖💖!

    1. I am afraid I do not understand your comment. Translation does not help either. I’m sorry.

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