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I strolled along that large corridor whose walls were decorated with portraits: trophies of your love games.  You fed on those loves, didn’t you? You overextended. Overextension kills empires. I bet you didn’t think that it could kill real love too.

Every night the fleshless arms of your love games crawl on you like fire ants.

I know misfortune when I see it.

I know it because I am not a saint.

Hope? If there is any left it must be on another corridor.

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read my 2019 Spillwords Author of the Year interview here
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86 thoughts on “Love games #flash fiction #prose poem #short prose

  1. Gabriela this is so magnificent! “Every night the fleshless arms of your love games crawl on you like fire ants.
    I know misfortune when I see it.” This made my arms sting as fire ants are such a problem her in NC. I love this piece. I like the book they have on Spillwords that you can download with your picture and information about you, very nice. Hope you have wonderful weekend beautiful button. Love you Joni xoxoxo

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my dearest Joni. You are a gem. You make my days beautiful.
      “this is so magnificent” I am really touched.
      “I like the book they have on Spillwords that you can download with your picture and information about you, very nice. ” Doubly touched. Thank you so much, hon.
      I saw your poem published by Spillwords. I will visit your site soon. See you there 🙂

  2. Good morning G,

    Oh, I adore this piece. Very relatable, at least for me. That lines of the fleshless arms…..that was brilliant. Bravo. Amazing piece about a love sucker.
    God I love this so much. So entertaining. So powerful. So dark.

    Que tengas un hermoso día. Deja que la vida te inspire.
    Siempre asombrado.
    Siempre encantado.

    1. Good morning Andrew
      I hope is a glorious one for you and the morning sun shines, and the palm tress whispers, and the ocean.. …Oh, you stole my tropical island….
      Thank you so much for the high praise. It warms my heart (I don’t have your sun)
      “God I love this so much. So entertaining. So powerful” Oh, you are really kind. I am humbled by your words. I blushing…
      Oh, when do I read the blushing moon? I am impossible.
      Thank you again.
      Tu amiga, por siempre y para siempre.

      1. Blushing moon….forgot all about it. Don’t have that photographic memory like you do. These pills have actually altered my mind. Kind of in a twilight zone way. (You are too young to understand that reference).

        It does seem like you are impossible at times. lol. Quite interesting.

        I am not greedy, so we can share the island.

        Muy sonriente.

      2. I am not too young and I don’t want to be too young.
        ” These pills have actually altered my mind. Kind of in a twilight zone way.” That worries me Drew. And I understand. I have nights when I have to take sleeping pills. Sometimes they don’t put me to sleep. They put me the twilight zone too.
        “It does seem like you are impossible at times” lol. You are so kind, I though I am impossible all the time.
        “I am not greedy, so we can share the island” Great I am taking the Dominican Republic. Do you speak any French? You are going on the other site of the island 🙂
        Trato hecho

      3. All the time. I am laughing so hard. Thank you for that. Bless your heart.

        I don’t parlez-vous.

        You don’t share?

        Hey, our friend Almerighi just translated my poem “the poem that you wrote.” I did my best to reply to him. This is amazing. My eyes are humid. I am trembling here.

      4. Oh, wow, congratulations. Flavio is the best! And that poem is magnificent. Did you reply to him in Italian?
        “You don’t share?” What do you mean I don’t share. I just did. One side is yours and the other mine. This is what I call sharing,

      5. Yes, I did my best to reply in Italian. You know me, I also complimented their food and women.
        LOL. (You never know when a single Italian lady is reading the comments).

        But i want that side. Beach boy pouting.

      6. ” You know me, I also complimented their food and women.” yeah, I kind of know you… lol
        Oh, you want to be with me on the same side of the island? We are going to get in a fight about who’s owning the sunset 🙂

      7. Oh, great, than I get the sunsets.
        The problem is that I am a fighter. If I don’t fight you what can I fight there?

      8. Violence against women. A very serious problem here. Many men in this beautiful country treat women the way they treat their burros.

        Now, back to you and me fighting. G, every night the fleshless arms of my love games crawl on me like fire ants. Some truly brilliant writer penned that.

        So, please tell me G.
        Will flattery get me anywhere.
        Getting my boxing gloves.

      9. Seriously, you have to get well, forget from time to time the lover part of you, and help me fight those men, because certainly I can’t do it by myself. Anyway, I am in.

        “So, please tell me G.
        Will flattery get me anywhere.”
        It depends. Who do you want to flatter? Tell me and I tell you.
        “Getting my boxing gloves.” Good, keep your guard up 🙂
        Oh, Drew, take good care of you and relax. Enjoy this weekend fully.

    1. Ah, thank you for being here..,.I am not sure I even know what a love game is. I am just writing about 🙂
      I hope everything is well with you sweetheart and thank you once again.

      1. I am glad to hear all is well. I hope the writing is going well too. Thank you so much for reading the interview. It means a lot to me.

      2. I wouldn’t miss your interview. I really enjoyed it very much.

        The writing is a whimsical thing. But I’m doing my best (I think).

        Have a lovely day!

      3. Thank you again. If it feel whimsical I am sure it’s exceptional. Happy writing!

  3. I love the shade and tone of this! Your so relatable words allow the reader to insert their own experiences providing each a unique vision of what you have created. It is when we see a little bit of ourselves in the words that we are most deeply moved. Well written, Gabriela! Have a great weekend, dear friend! ❤

    1. Brad, thank you so much for such a beautiful comment.
      “allow the reader to insert their own experiences” that really touches my heart thank you for writing that and thank you for the praise.
      You have a great weekend too, Brad.

    1. My dearest Gina, thank you so much for supporting me and for the kindness of your words. Gina, I said it and I am going to say it again: There is something blissful in your words no matter what you write. Your every words is a blessing.
      May the rest of your weekend be restful and filled with love.
      Thank you again.

      1. you make my day complete dear Gabriela, we share a love for words and am happy to always have your blog to find joy, awe and inspiration. be blessed and a joyful weekend to you too.

    1. What a beautiful comment Eric. Only you can do that. Really, there are things that only you can do.
      Have a gorgeous weekend. I hope the weather is much better now.

      1. What I do comes from you, Gabriela – thank you. A quiet weekend, a quiet week ahead – ‘social distancing’ advisable for my generation in the current situation, advice I’m going to take. You take care my friend.

      2. “What I do comes from you, Gabriela” Oh, thank you so much, Eric. Social distancing is also advisable for poets so may you have a very creative week.
        The truth is I am frightened by what is going on. I am just trying to hang in here and stay calm.
        Be well, Eric.

  4. Gabriela this piece was really “encantadora”, enchanting, I would say. Really takes you on a journey down that corridor…”Every night the fleshless arms of your love games crawl on you like fire ants.” great line, great thought and beautiful image. You are a true artist. You create these pictures, these paintings with your words, with the phrasing and with the rhythm you create songs…lovely piece, Gabriela, really loved it.
    Hope you are having a lovely Saturday morning (it’s afternoon here in Europe but it’s a lovely one)

    1. Hi Francisco,
      I am so glad you liked the piece. I am honored by your kind words. They make me happy.
      I am a bit worry about you. It’s 6 pm there and it’s Saturday. You should be out enjoying the wonderful weather. Or perhaps you are. If you are enjoy it.
      This Saturday morning is relatively ok; considering how much I worked on Thursday and Friday and how tense I was, the silence in my library feels eerie now. Not in a bad way.
      Thank you for everything Francisco.

      1. The piece I loved and found wonderful. Everything I read that you’ve written gets better and better and more intense and more intense…Well, enjoy Saturday morning and enjoy the silence, you’ve earned your rest after much work…yes, it’s almost 6,30 in the evening and time for a glass of wine.
        Cheers Gabriela,
        Un beso de Valencia

  5. All extremes are harmful. Collecting love everywhere, erodes feelings. You recreate that situation, in your verses with such force, that you let see your talent. You arrive with a lot of conviction.
    As for your interview, it’s a shame that I can’t see it because the language doesn’t help me. Apart from that, she is a clear recognition as an outstanding writer in such a competitive world and those who
    They know about that, they realize your potential.
    My most sincere congratulations with all my love and admiration and a good weekend Gabriela.

    1. Manuel, I am so glad you are here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful comment. Every word of yours is a gem. I treasure your words.
      “is a clear recognition as an outstanding writer in such a competitive world” Thank you. But more than I want the recognition I want to touch the soul of my readers. That makes happier. I hope my writings touch your soul from time to time.
      Buon fine settimana
      Ten un buen fin de semana.

      1. For me, it is the greatest pleasure to read you. You do not go unnoticed among your readers and that is because you write with your heart and true vocation. Regards Gabriela

    1. Shantanu, my dear friend, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful. I really hope you are well.

    1. Hi Ivor,
      Thank you so much my dear friend for the praise and this beautiful song. You really know how to touch my heart.
      I wish you a wonderful rest of the week, Ivor. Be happy.. and romantic… I like when you are romantic….

      1. It’s a beautiful song Ivor. Thank you again 🎶🤗🎶💝

  6. Gabriela, your writing never fails to draw me in, I would follow it, and you, down any corridor, anywhere, gladly. Can you hear my footsteps, tiptoeing along behind you, following the trail of the magnificence of your words?

    “Hope? If there is any left it must be on another corridor.
    Follow me.”

    So incredible, as always, I’m in awe.

    How was your weekend? Anything you need from this side of the world? Xoxoxo

    1. Yes, I can hear your footsteps, the footsteps of a little and sweet Rachel caring in her arms a little bird. And I want to guide the little Rachel on a corridor filled with joy and beauty. And I want to protect her.
      I missed you these days Rachel. I got your email and I will reply to you soon.
      Thank you so much for the praise. You are the best.
      How was my weekend? Restful; beautiful in certain ways and exciting in others. For once I can say that.
      “Anything you need from this side of the world? ” Yes, a would like to hear a beautiful legend…
      Sending you plenty of love and hugs

      1. A legend… well, your wish is my command. There is a beautiful love story about Papatuanuku and Ranginui – father sky and Mother Earth, and how they were separated and gave birth to the world we know today.

        “Ranginui and Papatūānuku were blessed with six male children, all of whom lived in the small confined space between them, cramped in darkness. Each time their parents moved, a ray of light came through, but the darkness always returned. And as the children grew, so did their desire to live in the light and seek an open world. So the children gathered and decided they needed to find a way to separate their parents. Attempt after attempt was made to separate Father Sky and Mother Earth until one day, the mighty Tāne Mahuta, god of forests and birds, laid down on his back, pressed hard against his mother, pushed his feet up in the air against his father and tore them apart.” (From

        I am so happy to hear you had a restful, beautiful, and exciting weekend. That was exactly what I would have asked you for, and now I don’t need to.

        Plenty of love and hugs right back to you. Xoxoxo

      2. Wow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. How meaningful are those words… How much magic is in ancient legends. Those legends about our beginning; about the birth of earth and about our journey on earth.
        Thank you so much, Rachel. You don’t know how much what you sent means to me.
        I am going to bask for a while in the magic of this legend.
        Flowers, hugs, and love to you sweetheart.

      3. I am so glad you liked it. Do you have a favourite legend?

        I am basking in your happiness from your weekend ❤️💜🌸💫💝 xoxoxo

      4. Well, I love many legends. But what I am going to tell you now is a bit different. I am actually fascinated by Gnosticism. The origin of Sophia varies in different manuscripts that were found (in some she is holly divine in others she is only partially divine).
        This is a pretty poor description but here it is


      5. Sophia, a feminine figure, analogous to a human soul. Central to creation through her longings or flaws, then redeemed and bought back to the light. Do I have this correct? And her divinity is debated? I feel like I could immerse myself in this story. I feel like I need to know more.

        Thank you for sharing this with me. You have piqued my interest. 💝💝💝

      6. You do sweetheart, but this is not quite what it fascinates me.
        Let’s take the interpretation in which Sophia appears as divine. What happens? She sees a light. She believes that is God. She rushes toward God. The light is not God. It is the light of a monster – a lower being that is not divine. Unknowingly she makes a mistake. She will give birth to a demigod. The demigod is the creator of this world. Hence the Gnostic’s contention that this world is not the creation of the true God. It cannot be. The true God cannot created such an unjust world in which the innocent is punished, in which children are killed… etc.

        We and this world are the creation of a demigod (demiurge). Are we divine? Yes, a part of us is divine because we are the children of Sophia, not because the real God created us. The divine light is in us because Sophia is in us. She prays God to forgive her and she is forgiven. She is the one that will pray unrelentingly for her children too. For us. Sophia is highly revered mostly in Greek Orthodoxism.
        How can we be saved? No God can save us. According to the Gnostic we need to look inside us (the Kingdom of Heaven is inside us said Christ), and find the divine light. We are our own saviors. The church has considered the Gnostic thought a heresy. They destroyed as many Gnostic writings as they could. They killed all Gnostic groups that existed. They burns them alive. They hated the Gnostincs because they upheld the belief that women are equal with man and we are our own saviors. The Gnostics lived by the teaching of Christ but some groups did not believe he was God. This was big time Heresy. Capital H. Now, this is Christian Gnosticism. Every major religion in this world has its branch of Gnosticism. All of them are fascinating. In all of them there is one common theme. This world is not the creation of the true God. But, we do have the divine inside us. We can save ourselves.

        I hope I did not bored you to death, my dearest Rachel
        Here are some verses

        You are your own devil, you are your own God,
        You fashioned the paths that your footsteps have trod;
        And no one can save you from error or sin,
        Until you shall hark to the Spirit within.
        ________ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

        Sending you plenty of love Rachel.

      7. I have read and reread and read this again dear Gabriela. I can see this is something that is dear to your heart, and the premises that you describe touch me in a way I cannot describe. A way that makes sense, that unfolds my mind in ways that it gets tangled. Fundamental ways, like this:
        “The true God cannot created such an unjust world in which the innocent is punished, in which children are killed… etc.”. I could not agree more, I have always struggled so much with this.

        So many of us are drawn to a light we don’t realise is a monster. So many of us see ourselves as either good or bad, rather than a sum of parts that make the whole. I now see what you meant in your comment on my latest post…

        “But, we do have the divine inside us. We can save ourselves.”

        “We can save ourselves”.

        And yet, for such a peaceful belief, people were deemed heretics and murdered.

        Dear friend, I am ashamed to say I did it know these principals of the Gnosticism. It is so interesting, and I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to share this with me. I would love to hear more. Can I ask you a personal question, do these beliefs mirror those of your own, or is this an area of interest for you?

        You did not bore me my friend. You did exactly the opposite. I love the quote by Wilcox too.


  7. These lines are gold and spark fireworks.

    “Every night the fleshless arms of your love games crawl on you like fire ants.
    I know misfortune when I see it.”

    You are very descriptive and the way you weave and express words is fantastic. 🙂

    1. Hi Charlie, thank you so much. I am very glad you liked it. I am still under the influence of your most recent poem. I just left a comment. What a work Charlie. What a work!
      Have a great evening, my friend.

  8. The imagery you evoke here is marvellous – poignant, bitter-sweet and yet uplifting! Really well crafted and satisfying. I like my poetry to deliver an emotional impact and you consistently do that in your writing!

      1. Thank you again. Wishing you a beautiful rest of the day 🙂

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