I want my body burned on pyre #poem #poetry

I want my body burned on pyre
a Viking boat will take me far on the cold sea
I want to leave my grave goods for the poor
take the pain which branded their souls
into a bursting aurora borealis fire
I want to feel the sobs of the North Pole

I want to burn inside the rhythms of the flamenco
drown in the dancers’ passion in the streets of old Córdoba
I want to entertain rich masters for a piece of bread
inside the silent cries of those who are misunderstood
I want the desperation of the dancers dressed in red

and you, the one who always claimed to know
what powers lie inside the jungle of my soul

fragment from the poem “I want my body burned on pyre”- draft
@short-prose-fiction (Gabriela M)

image:  DarkGeometryStudios; Shutterstock; [link]


69 thoughts on “I want my body burned on pyre #poem #poetry

      1. You’re welcome, dear G! Which one? Lol! The novel took a back seat for a while. I might self-published my poetry book soon. I’m trying to finish it before my daughter’s birthday this June. 😉

      2. Wonderful news on poetry. Looking forward to reading it. Oh, and you’ll have a beautiful celebration in June.
        Lots of love and blessings to you Winnie.

      3. Aww! Thank you, dear G! I hope I’ll be able to finish it in time. It will be my gift for her. 😉 Sending you lots of love and more blessings for you. ❤️❤️❤️

      4. My pleasure. You will finish and it will be a wonderful gift for her.

  1. Such beautiful descriptive phrases Gabriela. I love the picture you chose to accompany this piece. I fell in love with Madrid and the flamingo. They dance with such passion. I see why you write about them. Beautiful. Love 💕 Joni

    1. Oh, thank you for your lovely words my dearest Joni. As always your comments touch my heart. Have a blessed Sunday, sweetheart.

  2. Wow! Fantastic! There is so much imagery, the words flow, like the Viking ship, uninterrupted movement, captivating souls with these verses…rarely have I read something that has captured my spirit more…lovely.
    Enhorabuena amiga mia,
    un abrazo feliz de domingo,

    1. Thank you so much, Francisco. I am thrilled I captured your spirit for a second. I am disappointed that my comments to your work did not get to you.
      Plenty of thanks again and dos fuertes abrazos

      1. I am glad to hear he is better. I hope you feel better too. No, I don’t. I live in the US. I was thinking perhaps you guys can take a trip from Munich 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, my dearest Wendi. You are so sweet to me.
      May the rest of your Sunday be fabulous.

  3. I love the thematic tone given by each stanza and the imagery you use to place reader in scene. You show a real knowledge of traditional rites with phrases like “grave goods” and referencing “Cordoba”, a city in Andalusia, a region that was the birthplace of Flamenco. These are the nuggets of historical accuracy that add so much to your beautiful words!

    1. Oh, Brad, I am so glad you liked the poem.. Your comment is as beautiful as ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      May you have a magical Sunday.

    1. Thank you Eric. Your comment says a lot and what it says goes straight to my heart.
      Thank you again. Have a fabulous week ahead.

    1. Hi my dear. I apologize I did not do it until now. I have a pretty busy week but I will do it during the weekend.

      1. OK no problem. I needed to know if I can do anything else or not.
        I am trying to learn Hindi and create a montage with this fantastic writing

  4. I read this dear G, and I want to feel all the heat and ice and passion and desperation that you capture so masterfully within this. How do you manage to evoke so much emotion and with imagery that transcends the confines of geography and time?

    Pure and raw talent, that’s how. I love the ending:

    “what powers lie inside the jungle of my soul”

    Perhaps it is these powers that answer my above question.

    Sending love and hugs to your jungle soul. And, sorry, I hope you didn’t have to eat all five chocolate bars today? I’ll post tomorrow, I promise xoxoxox

    1. Aw… my dearest Rachel. Pure and raw talent. Thank you from the bottom of my hart for your lovely words.
      “Perhaps it is these powers that answer my above question.” If you say so sweetheart.
      I got the love and hugs but you have to send me chocolates too because you did not post yesterday and you know that I can’t figure out when is tomorrow for you 🙂
      I’ll check your site later…
      No hugs and love until I see your poem.
      Well, I can’t help myself: sending you one hug.
      You are fabulous Rachel.

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am humbled by your beautiful words.
      Have a wonderful rest of the day (evening)


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