Thank you! I was voted Author of the Year (2020) at Spillwords Press #award

My Dear Readers,

I was voted author of the Year at Spillwords Press NYC (2020). I am deeply grateful to those of you who voted for me.

Thank you to you, and to the incredible team who runs Spillwords Press.

I am deeply humbled and honored by this recognition. However, I’ve never written for the purpose of receiving an award. I’ve always written to touch others’ souls. If this award will allow me to reach more people, I will certainly consider it a win. I was not taught to think “I.” I was taught the think “we.”

Without my students I am not a professor, and without my readers I am not an author. This award belongs to you as much as it belongs to me, and to those you have supported me in my journey in life until this point.



Check winners by category here.

@Gabriela Marie Milton

240 thoughts on “Thank you! I was voted Author of the Year (2020) at Spillwords Press #award

    1. Thank you so much sweetheart. I really appreciate your kind words and your support.

      1. Email what sweetheart? Email me? I am afraid I do not understand the question. I am waiting for you to clarify it.

  1. I am so grateful and happy for you. I understand why you were awarded this prestigious award – well deserved. I got nominated for The Sunshine Blogger II award and I was very honored. However I worried so much about leaving out others that deserved it far more than me. I ended up with what appears to be shingles on the right side of my face this am. I am on my way to the Dr. now. With all my love and happiness for you. Your friend. Love 💕 Joni

    1. Thank you for the congrats and for your beautiful comment Joni. I saw your nomination and I left a comment. Anyway, for the moment, please take care of yourself, hon. This is the most important thing.
      Keep me updated.
      Plenty of love to you too, Joni.

      1. Thank you sweet friend. Your support means so much. Your very kind. I have a ways to go with my writing. I have written a poem I think may be good enough publish. Have a blessed day. By the way you are the cutest little thing in your pictures. What a darling. Love 💕 Joni.

      2. Joni, your work is wonderful and you are more than ready to publish. So please do it.
        Oh, that picture! That’s a long story for another time. Thank you again for all your darling words and please take care of yourself, hon

  2. I saw their post this morning and was awaiting your announcement. You know I am a big fan and this is so well deserved. Continued success in all your endeavors! ❤

    1. Thank you so much Brad. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your support. May happiness be with you forever. May you be happy and fulfill your dreams.

    1. Daya, that is such a sweet thing to say. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s a pleasure to read your work too my dear

    1. And you know I am elated to receive congratulations from the English gentleman that you are. Thank you, Eric.
      “Tea some time for two” It sounds great. I would love to.
      Have a lovely evening.

    1. Thank you, Bo. I am so grateful to you for your help. I am worried a bit about you guys, but in my heart I know things will be more than fine.
      Lots of love to everyone., Bo
      Keep punching 🙂

      1. You know that movie How I stopped worrying? We’ll be fine, Gab. B’s mom always bounces back. She’s a tough cookie. I’m sure we’ll find sth. corresponding. No’s have to end one day.

        (Now go enjoy. I’ll toast for you)

      2. Oh, I know B’s mom is tough. I don’t doubt that.
        I can’t go celebrate. I have a leave to teach in about one hour. See, Bo,. I am tough too.
        Thank you, thank you and please keep me updated.

    1. Thank you Francisco. Thank you for vote and your support. I don’t know If I deserve it. I know that I am deeply grateful to everyone who supported me.
      Gracias, matodor.
      Abrazos americanos para ti,

      1. Gracias de todo corazón. Eres un buen amigo. Que tengas una buena noche.
        Hasta manana, matodor.

    1. Thank you, Vidur. I am blessed to have you as a friend. And thank you for your poetry too.
      Have a beautiful rest of the day.

  3. Oh my!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you and so proud of you!!! And I love the photo 💞. That shine in your eyes, a glimpse of that gorgeous soul beneath. Beautiful inside and out. You completely deserve this, your talent is unsurpassed. I’m going to squeal with delight when I hold your book in my hands.

    This “I’ve always written to touch others’ souls.” My dear friend, that is exactly what you do. Time and time again.

    Congratulations, please tell me you are going to celebrate. Details, please 😉. Love and hugs, as always xoxoxox

    1. Rachel!!! Your words rain love on me. Thank you!!!!!
      “And I love the photo.” Thank you Rachel but that photo is so stretched to fit the requirements for “landscape” that the person in that picture does not even look like me. Probably for the best.
      “your talent is unsurpassed.” That is so sweet of you but there are so many talented writers whose talent surpasses mine; including you my fabulous friend.
      “I’ve always written to touch others’ souls.” My dear friend, that is exactly what you do. I really hope that happens. That is what keeps me going.
      Celebrate? Haha. What does that mean anymore?
      You know, after my father passed away in August I can’t say I am not going out but I am not myself yet.
      I guess this evening is going to be quiet.

      Love and thousands of thanks to my darling friend, Rachel.

      1. Gabriela! I’m glad my words made you feel loved and special, you are very much that, and not just by me, by so many of your followers – whose souls you touch. That is absolutely indisputable.

        I am so sorry you still don’t feel yourself. Losing your father…. the grief of that I imagine runs very deep and strong… I hope that as time goes by you feel more and more of yourself return.

        If your evening was quiet, I hope at the very least it included a moment or two of self recognition and congratulation. I ‘cheersed’ you 🥂 ♥️♥️

  4. Congratulations Gabriela. ❤ I seem to be slow in the uptake lately. I hope you know I wish you the best always. I know every time you post it’s going to be something moving. I also cherish you as a reader of my humble posts which have become fewer lately because of emotional reasons. But I’ll get over it. Your posts give me strength of heart. Thank you for being who you are. 💕🌹

    1. Thank you so much, Jen. I do know you wish the best always. Your posts are beautiful and I truly enjoy reading them.
      “posts which have become fewer lately because of emotional reasons.” Should I be concerned, Jen?
      “But I’ll get over it.” Promise?
      “Your posts give me strength of heart.” This is one of the most beautiful things I heard today. Thank you for these precious words.
      Blessing, peace and come back to writing, Jen.

      1. No need for concern Hon, but thank you for asking. 💜 I’ve been working on a couple of new posts and slowly getting out of my funk. MISS HEPBURN wrote something to me once. That basically said we all feel better if someones cares and expresses it in some way. Thank you so much for responding to me. Your posts really do help.
        I still have a ways to go but I’m a survivor. xoxoxo 💯%

      2. Jen, my dear, thank you for reply so quick.
        “we all feel better if someones cares and expresses it in some way” Honestly, Jen I do care. I hope you shorten those ways and get where you want to be sooner rather then later.
        A ray of sunshine from me to you. May you make that ray into the most beautiful sun.
        Love and hugs.

      3. Thank you Gabriela. And do a little basking in your success. Once again, Congratulations! 💐🌼🌻🌸💕🌹❤ Thank you for the sunshine!!

    1. Thank you Gina. Yours do too. And your support also.
      Morning must be coming there.
      Have a loveliest weekend ever.
      Love and hugs to you.

      1. yes sweetie, sun rise about minutes ago, now I must head to work, blessings for a peaceful evening as you enjoy the success of your talent and hard work.

    1. Thank you so much my dear Ishita. I am deeply grateful to you for your wonderful words. 🌸💕

  5. Yay! Congratulations! There was never any doubt in my mind that you would win this. You know how high my opinion of your work is, and I love to see you receive the credit you deserve. “I’ve always written to touch others’ souls.” You have certainly achieved this goal as well, time and time and again.
    Congratulations again, and have a marvelous day.

    1. David, I have no words to thank you for your help all along. You have been such a wonderful friend and such a great supporter. After the nomination I can’t do anything without the help of my followers. You saw how many nominees Spill-words listed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me.
      On a different note, my friends seem to be doing better. Take it easy on them please 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Have a lovely weekend.

      1. You are very welcome. It’s been my pleasure. You’ve been a great supporter for me also, and that has been a large factor in keeping me writing, which I appreciate beyond words.
        Yes, they are doing better, and will continue to do so. It only goes up from here.

      2. My pleasure, David.
        “Yes, they are doing better, and will continue to do so. It only goes up from here.” I am glad to hear that. I am not kidding when I say you are a great writer. You are. I got so attached to the characters you created that the other day when they found themselves in harmful situations I choked.
        Now I am happy and I look forwards to reading your next excerpt.
        Take care David, and thank you again.

    1. Thank you for the invite. This is really kind of you. Unfortunately I can’t travel till the end of May.

  6. Wow! What fantastic news! Congratulations dear Gabriela!! You deserve it more than anyone else. You are such a talented writer and inspiration for many of us! 🌷💞😘

    1. Oh, your comment really humbled me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am not the only one who inspires. My followers inspire me too. I am beyond grateful to you and others for your support and kindness. May you have a wonderful week ahead and I look forward to your next post.

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie. That’s so kind of you.
      Have a beautiful rest of the day and stay safe.

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