Fires of the mind #short prose #flash fiction #prose poem

First, one’s mind catered to the other.

Then they started praying upon each other’s art: one’s imagination crawling on and playing with the other’s like two lion cubs frolicking on Africa’s grasslands.

By the time physical love came into play, they were already burning like two pieces of glass in a Murano furnace.

In the end, a lonely man found a mound of shattered glass on a back alley.

It would have been much easier if they would have kept their art separate.

Yet they didn’t.

Excerpt from the manuscript Passion: Love Poems and Other Writings

@short-prose-fiction (Gabriela M)

image: Sandratsky Dmitriy; Shutterstock; [link]


124 thoughts on “Fires of the mind #short prose #flash fiction #prose poem

    1. Thank you for the comment, dear. I think I’ll rewrite the end 🙂
      May you have a gorgeous rest of the day.

      1. I was joking sweetheart, You do not need to apologize. Thank you for being here for me all the time.

      1. Haha! C’mon Eric. You started. Oh, I forgot to tell you that it couldn’t be my fault. It’s never my fault 😉
        Have a beautiful afternoon. Enjoy your tea time.

  1. Gabriela what a beautiful piece. Deliciously subtle I find your lines that present so important a clear message. Some of us just were not meant to be together overcoming each other’s identities until there is nothing left of the uniqueness of the originals. Wisdom to these words. Love 💕 Joni. Have a blessed Sabbath my dear friend.

    1. Joni, you are so great and you read me so well. Thank you for your beautiful comment and for taking the time to read.
      May blessings shine on you this Sunday, hon.

  2. I like the analogy with lion cubs. Also the image of a lonely man finding a mound of shattered glass is very effective. The glass could be a broken sculpture manufactured from glass, or a metaphor for a shattered relationship. To me it comes across both as a methapor and also as a physical manifestation of a relationship gone sour. Best, Kevin

    1. Kevin, you are so kind. It is what you say it is. I am filled with joy that you had time to read this piece. Thank you very much.
      Have a beautiful afternoon.

  3. Wonderfully crafted and powerful in imagery and emotion. The blending of lives while still retaining a sense of individual self can be difficult, especially if one needs the light more than the other. The mixing should be the smaller parts, as where the colors of the rainbow touch, yet each color holds its own place.

    1. “The mixing should be the smaller parts, as where the colors of the rainbow touch, yet each color holds its own place.” Such wonderful words, Brad. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am touched by your kindness and your support.
      May the rest of your day be blessed.

    1. Thank you, Bo. I will miss your compliments because I will probably not be able to post much over the next days.
      Bo, your support is much appreciated. I hope you know this.

      1. Oh, no, I am not going to close the blog. I suffer from blog addiction. Anyway, If I ever do it I will make it private like you did. I have already made private plenty of posts.
        I noticed you did not post recently. I also noticed that you post only published work. I can guess why.
        Good luck with the book, Bo. You know I am keeping my fingers crossed.

      2. Yeah. If I post them, it will be harder ‘selling’ them later.
        Thanks dear. It’ll take a while, though. In the meantime, I’ll be soon posting something else. Picking up where I left off.

  4. Your pieces always move me in unexpected ways. “It would have been much easier if they
    kept their art separate” but the “crawling on” and “frolicking” was too much to resist:)
    Love this.

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read and to write such a beautiful comment. Your words humble me. 💕

  5. Beautiful, Gabriela. From a high to the low in such few but effective lines.

    …that can’t seem to stop looking at that mound of shattered glass…and wondering…

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful words, Vidur. They mean a lot to me.
      Have a fabulous rest of the day. Do not wonder too much 😊

      1. I suspect so 😊
        Thank you so much for your kindness and your support, Vidur.

  6. Oh my G. I bow to you, quite simply. I feel like I would be satisfied to be but a piece of that shattered glass, if I got to immerse myself in a love like this. The beauty and danger of it. The romance if the art. I don’t know what that says about me, but I love LOVE this, so much. You create such intensity and atmosphere, I’m left breathless.

    “one’s imagination crawling on and playing with the other’s like two lion cubs frolicking on Africa’s grasslands.”

    So. Wonderful. Xoxox

    1. My fabulous Rachel, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful words. You made me “high maintenance” with your comments. I am waiting for them like a kid waits for a candy box.

      Beauty and danger. Did you say beauty and danger? Oh, I love those words together. I am not sure what that says about me 🙂 ) But who cares Rachel, who cares?
      I am really, really glad you like this piece, sweetheart.

      I hope you feel better (please let me know) and I hope the renovations are going well.

      Sending you lots a beauty, hugs and love!

      1. My dear G. Well, I will make sure the candy box is always full for my most favourite high maintenance poetess. I’m quite happy to shape your high expectations, you deserve to have your highest expectations met.

        I am a little slow at reading and commenting at the moment, but make no mistake, I’ll be reading anything I miss…. life seems to be piling up, I am hoping that by early Jan things may settle down again. I feel constantly on the back foot, which is at least free of crutches now but still painful. Renovations are coming along very slowly still. Hopefully a kitchen will magically appear soon.

        I loved this piece G, and I cannot emphasise that enough. I’ll whip the world into shape just so for you so it is exactly as you would like. Especially the moon. I hope you are ok, I worry about you sometimes 🌸❤️💕💝🌿🌈 xoxox

      2. My fabulous Rachel,

        I am so glad you wrote and so glad you are doing better. I am sorry you are still in pain. Please be careful. I hope your kitchen will appear as soon as possible.

        “I am a little slow at reading and commenting at the moment.” Thank you Rachel, but please do not make any efforts for me. Take care of what you need to take care of. I know our friendship is alive even if we are oceans apart. I am a little slow too because I have so much to do on other plans.
        “I’ll whip the world into shape just so for you so it is exactly as you would like.” No, don’t do that my dear friend. Right now I am a whirlpool of feelings. My mind always knows how to sort out my feelings. This time she’s not doing a good job. We do not want to threw the world in chaos. It’s already in chaos but we do not want to add to that.

        Thank you for refilling my candy box, Rachel. The candy is excellent.
        As for me I guess I am ok. On the surface everything seems fine. However, Magellan called the ocean the Pacific Ocean. It was peaceful when he got there. But then it wasn’t anymore. I feel like an ocean before the storm.

        I hope you get to catch up with everything the way you want. Thank you for reading and writing such a beautiful comment Rachel especially now when you are so busy.

        Love and hugs tied with the most beautiful silky bow.


      3. “I feel like an ocean before the storm.”

        The ocean in this moment is utterly beautiful Gabriela. Silken, foreboding, magnificent, powerful. Just like your mind. I’m sure she will sort out the storm, and reassert herself. I have full faith and belief in that. In you.

        Thank you for the love and hugs with the silky bow dear G. I unwrapped them carefully like the precious gift that they are.

        I send you calm seas xoxoxox

      4. “Silken, foreboding, magnificent, powerful.” Ah, Rachel I want to be there.
        “Just like your mind.” … my mind.. precisely the point. I was told numerous times that I live in my mind (read some negative connotations here). To a large extent it is true. I am not supposed to allow my feelings to interfere with my work, my schedule, my whatever. I grew up like this. So my parents taught me. So I did. Anyway my mind was not able to control my feelings today. Regardless of some work related consequences – of no importance at the end of the day – my point is that I can’t stop blaming myself for this. I kept asking the same question over and over “how could that happen to me?” God, it’s terrible.

        My fabulous Rachel, I am sending you more hugs and more love wrapped in silky bows.

        “How could that happen to me?” What do I need to do now Rachel?

      5. “my mind was not able to control my feelings today.” The war of the amygdala and the frontal lobes for you G would be a completely magnificent one. As strong and as fierce as both are… Many of us are taught that we should be able to control our feelings, but sometimes they are too mighty. And sometimes, it’s not a bad thing if they win. Your emotions, dear Gabriela, I can tell they fuel such passion and creativity. They need air, they need light, they need to unleash themselves sometimes if they are cooped up too much. Please don’t blame yourself, it happens to all of us sometimes.

        What do you do now??? Well, there are many things I’m sure. Like receive another top up of your candy box, and put your feet up, and be kind to yourself. These are just a few things.

        Know I’m sending my love too xoxoxox

      6. Rachel, you are a gem. I know you are busy so thank you from the bottom of my heart for your reply. Another candy box, perhaps a glass of wine too, would you care to join me?
        Take care of yourself and thank you so much for being here for me.

    1. Aw, Ivor… thank you very much for your comment. I am thrilled you found the piece passionate and powerful. Oh, and the video. I love it.
      You really touched my heart Ivor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      Best wishes

    1. Pia, thank you so much, my dear for your words. They are beautiful. They stole my heart.

  7. Wow Gabriela! This was a truly powerful piece! I loved the intensity, the metaphors and the way you took us through the dynamics of passion! Quite beautiful, superb! The more I read your work the more I admire your writing and your talent. Lovely,
    all the best and enjoy the week,

    1. Hey Francisco.

      I am delighted by your comment. Thank you so much for the high praise. Are these compliments going to go to my head, Francisco? I’m joking 🙂 I am more than grateful to you for your time and your words.

      Have a beautiful and productive week.

      Oh, I forgot, I left a comment on your poem written in Catalan. When you have time could you please let me know if you got it? No pressure.

      1. It’s my pleasure Gabriela and believe me it’s not just compliments it’s the truth and it’s expression…I will check and thanks! All the best to you and enjoy the week, hope where you are the weather is better than here because we’re going through a big storm that started early morning on Monday and it’s still going strong! Ciao

      2. Here is the comment I wrote to your gorgeous poem:

        Francisco, your poem is out of this world. It’s gorgeous. The theme of the impossible love (in some cases forbidden love, or both..,) has a special place in my heart. However, my heart is not important here. The centrality of the theme in art is important and the way you expressed it in your poem.

        You are passionate until you become the passion itself. You punch until you become the punch. The poem is so charged that it took my breath away. From real, passionate love back to Beatrice. From agony to divination via forgetfulness and betrayal (both human attributes, by the way 😊 ).

        However, when I read the poem, I felt like I was electrocuted.
        “you’re passion, matador de toros,
        flowed from your words into my veins” 🙂
        Have a wonderful week.

      3. Oh, I forgot:
        The weather is ok here. For me to be good it has to be over 25 degrees. I am sorry to hear that the weather is bad there. You take care and make sure that the storm does not sink the Spanish Armada the second time 🙂 Because it was that terrible storm that did it not the English 🙂


      4. Gabriela, I thank you profoundly for such kind words! You leave me without words. I truly appreciate your sentiments and tell you that I have been learning much lately, especially by reading your work, which is intense, beautiful and powerful. Thank you my friend, and all the best to you. Have a lovely week as well and take good care.
        Un abrazo,

      5. You deserve every word of praise, Francisco. I don’t want to leave you without words. I want your words the flow from your soul on paper, so to speak. I want you to keep in a file that poem together with others that you think are best. Let yourself go when you write. Guard down, matador like when you paint or play your music. Jaz!!! That’s it! And if you do that you are going to have the most beautiful book of poems ever; a book illustrated by you. Valencia will kneel in front of you. Oh, it sounds so good to me. What do you say? 🙂
        Dos abrazos

      6. I absolutely love your words and I thank you so deeply for them! I do think in terms of Jazz whenever painting and with poetry as well…I am very grateful for your support and for your encouragement and I respect deeply your work as you are a consummate professional and an expert in the field as you are a great poet…I more or less am a rhymer of words and a joiner of ideas…and I like the metaphor! Ole! Thanks so much Gabriela and un fuerte abrazo de Valencia,

      7. Hi Francisco,
        My pleasure.
        “I do think in terms of Jazz whenever painting and with poetry as well…” I love that.
        “I respect deeply your work as you are a consummate professional and an expert in the field.” Oh, Francisco. is that for me? I truly hope that I am a expert in my field, but my field has nothing to do with liberal arts. It does not even come close. My degrees are in a discipline that has “science” in its title. That said, you can imagine why I use a pen name. Actually more than one. Writing and loving arts has everything to do with the milieu in which I grew up. So I am not that consummate professional that you think I am. I am just a humble woman that loves to write, read good works, listen to music, in a nutshell immerse herself in the beauty of all arts.
        I love your poems, your music and your paintings. They are fantastic. Those words are not coming from a professional, sorry to disappoint you. They are coming strictly from my heart.
        I saw you posted a gorgeous poem. I read it and I wanted to comment but I did not have time. It has been a crazy week. It’s not over yet.

        I need to run now. I teach only master and doctoral students. I’m fortunate from this point of you because most of them have already worked in my field and I am interacting with people who know who they want to do with their lives (to the extant that anybody does). I do have a lot of active duty military in my classes, so we don’t want to make them wait 🙂

        I will read all your posts tomorrow night (assuming that I can still read when I get home). If not I will read them on Saturday and also chat with WP about those comments. I though I could do it sooner, but I had no time.
        “un fuerte abrazo de Valencia” Every time you write that I feel like what am I doing here? Why am I not going back to Europe? But I worked relentlessly to get where I am, so..

        Un fuerte abrazo de America. I am not sure you are too excited about that 🙂 But again it’s coming from my heart. I hope you know what I am talking about.

      8. Oh yes, Gabriela, I know that everything you do is from the heart. I meant to say a professional in all things artistic and in particular because of the artistic sensibility you show in your beautiful poetry. My impressions are purely based upon your way with words to portray feelings, emotions and transmit meaningful messages. I am not disappointed in the least of ways. I also, as I’ve always told you, appreciate every word you’ve said and I am very happy that you like what I write and paint. Thank you most sincerely. My degree is also in a different field, in the fine arts…Theatre…but not in the visual arts or literature…but I’ve learned much from Theatre studies and also from life itself and from following my instincts and researching, reading, watching films, documentaries and videos and listening to all types of music. I truly appreciate un abrazo de America as it is a continent I love and especially the US where I lived most of my life. Take good care, best of luck with your class and students and have a lovely lovely weekend! 😊
        ¡Un fuerte abrazo valenciano!

      9. Good morning Francisco.
        It’s morning in Valencia, “the land of the most beautiful girls.” I’m not making this up. I heard it somewhere when I was a kid. A poem? A song? Someone added that song or poem was an old one. I must have been 5 or 6 years old. I have no idea why those words stayed with me and I can’t say I agree or not because I do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings 🙂 I visited Valencia. It’s a beautiful place.
        Thank you for your wonderful words. They are really touching.
        “but I’ve learned much from Theatre studies and also from life itself and from following my instincts and researching, reading, watching films, documentaries and videos and listening to all types of music.” A big thanks for sharing, Francisco.
        I do not like your art. I love it. And I still think your poetry is as beautiful as your paintings and you should publish a book. Ok, I am not going to say that anymore. It just gives you an idea how I operate. When something gets stuck in my mind I make every possible effort to see it accomplished. But what you do is not in my power.

        “I truly appreciate un abrazo de America.” I am thrilled to hear that because I am about to send you two. After that I am going to see what you posted and then go to bed. It’s late here.
        Dos abrazos de America

      10. Gabriela have a wonderful Saturday, yes it is morning in Spain and Valencia is quite a lovely city and I love it! Thank you so much for your lovely words which really motivate me and greatly encourage me and I will begin to write a book of poetry as I love it! You are wise and talented and creative and knowledgeable, you write such beautiful words and such intense poetry that it really reaches into you and finds a place in your heart and mind and stays! I truly love your work! So, I will most certainly follow such good advise and move forward, probably this summer when I go to Turkey, where I spend my summers in the Aegean coast. Well, enjoy your weekend and I hope your Saturday is sunny and bright, albeit cold but as long as the sun shines it’s fine. Ciao and take good care,
        All the best,

      11. Good afternoon, Francisco.
        Thank you for your beautiful words. You are always so kind and gracious. Please know that you are much more talented than I am. That said, here is the best part:”I will begin to write a book of poetry as I love it!… probably this summer when I go to Turkey, where I spend my summers in the Aegean coast.” That sounds great. May you have a marvelous summer filled with beauty and creativity. A fabulous book of poems and colors will be born this summer on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Wonderful!
        Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

      12. Thank you Gabriela and no, I think I’ve a long way to go before reaching your level of poetic creativity, your work, which I greatly admire is full of meaning, passion and true emotion…I’m struggling to get there… I will keep you informed reference the book.
        Ciao and un abrazo valenciano,

      13. Hello Gabriela, I thought I had replied but now I can’t find it so thinking that perhaps it did not go through, I will tell you again. First, yes, Valencia is a very lovely city, beautiful and I love it! Maybe you remember the song “Valencia” which talks about our oranges and maybe beautiful girls too…

        In any event, I know how to listen to wise words that transmit meaningful and heartfelt messages and I will write that book! Thank for such wonderful moral support! I tell you that I’ve learned much from reading your work, I am a big fan and I find your poetry tender and strong, powerful and passionate and full of incredible images! I can’t tell you how much I love reading your poetry.

        Have a lovely Saturday and weekend, I send you a big abrazo valenciano! Take good care and all the best,

      14. Well, thank you again for your words. I am happy you decided to work on that marvelous book. Probably you are tired of trying to leave comments on my blog that you couldn’t see.

        Francisco, I moderate my comments. I think I told you that. Anyway, that means that nobody can see any comment not even the poster of the comment until I approve the comment manually. So if I do not approve one of your comments and you cannot see it, it means that the comment awaits my moderation and I am not by my computer, tablet, or iPhone, at that time. That happens mostly when I sleep, which is kind of sad.
        I learned from you too, Francisco. Thank you for everything.
        What’s the big news today? A book will be born on the Aegean coast of Turkey, and it will be signed Francisco Bravo Cabrera. May that book be as beautiful as the blue of the Aegean Sea.

      15. Thank you Gabriela, I am beginning to understand this blog system… 😊 yes I appreciate the idea of moderation 😊 I will write that book! Thanks for the thought and the encouragement! Have a great week, here in Europe the weekend is over…all the best,
        Un abrazo,

      16. I am glad you are 🙂
        “I will write that book!” That is music to my ears. Beautiful Jazz 🙂
        I will comment on your works as soon as I can get to your site. I corrected my typos. My apologize.

  8. Even though the poem doesn’t show us the scene directly, I still finish with a sense that I somehow witnessed the explosion that created that mound of shattered glass because the energy of the moment comes through so strongly. It’s like feeling the heat of a fire I wasn’t looking at. And I’m glad the poem takes that indirect route, because I think if I’d seen the moment the glass shattered I would have shattered with it; there would have been too much energy to contain. The poem is truly vibrating!

    1. David, I don’t want you shattered. I want you in perfect condition so you can finish your book.

      Thank you so much for your kindness. You know your comments warm my heart. Do you really think that this little fragment encapsulates so much energy? Back to our conversation regarding the flexibility of the English language and factoring in that, as you know, I am not a native speaker of English.

      Anyway, my poetry manuscript was sent to the publisher. In fact I just sent it. Please let me know where are you with your books.

      Have a lovely evening

      1. You’re so welcome, G! I must apologize for taking so long to reply, but I only just now saw your message. Yes, I really do think the fragment encapsulates that much energy. That was certainly my experience. Honestly, you wield the English language better than many native speakers I know. (I may have said that before, but it deserves to be repeated).

        Congratulations on sending your poetry manuscript to the publisher! If the whole collection is as good as this excerpt, it’s going to be something awesome.

        I’ve completed my own manuscript and have sent out my query letters. I am now in the “waiting to hear back” stage.

        Wishing you a wonderful day

      2. Hi David,
        Thank you so much for your reply. No need to apologize. “Honestly, you wield the English language better than many native speakers I know.” That’s really an honor. If you say so I believe you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Too many “and”s here but Hemingway did that too. I am not comparing myself with him. I am just saying. Did you notice that?

        Thank you for the congrats and the wonderful words about my book.

        “I’ve completed my own manuscript and have sent out my query letters. I am now in the “waiting to hear back” stage.” Oh, David, congratulations on finishing your manuscript. That’s wonderful news. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Please, please, keep me updated.
        Have a lovely weekend.

      3. You are welcome once again on all counts! I’m glad you believe me, as I certainly meant what I said. Actually I didn’t notice too many “ands,” no. If there are too many, I didn’t jar me out of the world of the poem.

        Thank you for your continued support of my endeavors. I’ll definitely keep you updated.

        You have a lovely weekend, too


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