My poem “Nordic Play” up at Free Verse Revolution #poetry #free verse

an island shimmers on the Nordic sea
your eyes are madness and pale blue
under your fingers the piano
ennobles pain...
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@short-prose-fiction (Gabriela M.)

56 thoughts on “My poem “Nordic Play” up at Free Verse Revolution #poetry #free verse

      1. Thank you kindly. I really look forward to the end of this semester (it’s coming soon). Then I will have time to order your books and those of other writers and finally read published works written by talented WP bloggers.
        I can’t wait.

      2. That’s very kind of you! And exciting! 🎉 📚 catching you on reads after your schedule winds down a bit is always a great feeling. What is your field of study, if you don’t mind my asking?

      3. I can make that disclosure in private. Anyway, thank you so much for asking.
        Again, looking forward to reading your books.
        Have a magnificent rest of the day.

      1. You can call me by my poem name Rain Alchemist. You can contact me on Facebook, by Vinayak Pandey. I read your profile, you are quite accomplished. I admire you both as a person and with you work.

      2. Thank you for your kind words dear. Your work is beautiful too.
        I’ll contact you via FB.
        Have a wonderful rest of the day.

      3. I certainly will. I plan to stop posting for several days next week and start commenting more on my followers’ work.

    1. Oh, my dear Gina. Thank you so much for the praise. It means a lot to me.
      Sending you lots of hugs.

    1. Thank you Bo 🙂 I am going back to FVR site to see if I can post a comment on your poem. I tried yesterday and I couldn’t. However, know that I loved it. Capital l.

      1. OK. I tried again. It is there somewhere.
        I remember seeing it before. Yet I never got the chance to tell you how much I love this poem and those lines are WOW!
        “with no one to attend the flower laying ceremony
        but you and me
        My priest, My undertaker, My mourner, My beast”

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