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“We are the children of our landscape; it dictates behaviour and even thought in the measure to which we are responsive to it. I can think of no better identification.”

Lawrence Durrell,  Justine


Anything can be said about that city, but one can never say that it does not have a distinct identity.

During the humid autumn evenings the city looks like a wounded being, nursing her own lacerations. On the sidewalks the smell of dust overpowers the stench of cigarettes, and alcohol coming from her tiny, obscure pubs.

Clandestine risings to power, luxury cars zipping by, casinos filled with shady characters, rats zig-zagging in the basements of old buildings. Plenty of frustrations running through the city’s blood like thousands of white blood cells through the veins of an infected patient.

A sea of beggars at every street corner: amputated hands, deep lesions, winkled faces painted in the colors of dirt. Pain exposed in plain view like art objects in museums: the only difference being that pain is free; the entry in most museums is not.

In that city our story began: a story in which we created and destroyed loves, trusted and betrayed friendships, invented beauty only to eradicate it at the first sign of dawn.

We tried to satisfy our egos.  We ended up satisfying the city’s need to devour us.

Excerpt from the manuscript “Glass Lovers” (draft)

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48 thoughts on “Identity #short prose #flash fiction

    1. Aw.. I am humbled and delighted by your comment, my dearest Wendi. Thank you so much. Hopefully I can finish…

    1. Bojana, thank you so much for your support. I am glad you enjoyed the piece.
      Hugs to the entire family.

    1. Thank you so much, B. Your encouragement and you being here for me means a lot.

      I have to say this: I ate in a Greek restaurant during the Thanksgiving break. That was the best part of my Thanksgiving, In my own mind I left a piece of my heart in Greece.
      Thank you again sweetheart.
      Love and hugs to you.

      1. I hope I can do it this summer. No sure yet.
        As for the novel I have a long way to go. There is no there there yet 🙂

      2. It will come to you. When it comes to you I am sure it will happened. I am not sure about me 🙂

  1. “During the humid autumn evenings the city looks like a wounded being, nursing her own lacerations.” —- this really is a fantastic sentence, one which really grabbed me and told me to pay attention to the rest of your prose. I think this is a fine piece with a chilling, eerie feeling — and it makes me curious about your manuscript, “Glass Lovers”.

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I am so glad you enjoyed that sentence.
      “it makes me curious about your manuscript, “Glass Lovers”” Aw.. I am so grateful to you for your kindness.
      Have a splendid week ahead,

  2. Oh, G. This is truly magnificent. Everything about it makes me hungry to read more. I love that the setting itself is being presented as an active antagonist in a way. I cannot wait to read the completed book.

    1. David, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your praise. Your support and your kindness are endless. I am very grateful to you.
      “I cannot wait to read the completed book.” I hope I can finish.
      Have a fabulous Sunday. Please say hello from me to those magical characters of yours who I love so much.

      1. From the bottom of my heart, you are welcome. It’s all nothing less than you deserve.
        “I hope I can finish.” I have no doubt that you will.
        Happy Monday. I’ll certainly tell them all you said hello. They send their love.

      2. Aw.. thank you very much, David. You have a beautiful Monday too. I am sending them plenty of love,

  3. I am inwardly squealing with excitement to read another excerpt!! This brings that city to life with such vividness, such potency. I want to explore the intimate depths of this city, feel the warmth of its blood and feel its heartbeat. This, Gabriela, is truly wonderful. Magnificent!

    Have a beautiful weekend dear friend, your time of rest hopefully is drawing closer xoxoxo

    1. Thank you. Gracias. Grazie. You are the true sunshine. I am so humbled by your comment, Rachel and so sorry for my late reply. I had a tough Friday, and on Sunday I couldn’t do to much. I mostly stayed in bed and streamed movies.
      I hope you are ok sweetheart.
      Sending you lots of love and plenty of hugs.

      1. Oh! I hope you are ok too… a Friday you needed time to recover from. I’m so happy you stayed in bed and didn’t do much. But, it worries me because I know it would have taken a lot for you to do that…

        I am busy offline and slow online at the moment. I probably won’t post this week, and will just try and catch up. Love and hugs received and given. Take care gorgeous G xoxox

      2. Thank you so much Rachel. I hope “busy offline” means more than good. At least I would like to think so.
        You take care too, sweetheart.


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