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“If I could suck the very image of you from each word you say and stick it in the clouds, I would do it.”

I replied.

“Oh, how mesmerizing and desecrated the sky will look then. Yet, who could stop you?”

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28 thoughts on “Replied #short prose #flash fiction

    1. Ay.. you are so fabulous, Rachel. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your exquisite comment. I’ve never thought I can mesmerize, but if you say so… I am graciously receiving your compliment.
      Can I get a snowdrop too? 🙂
      Have a beautiful rest of the day sweetheart

      1. Ahhh you certainly mesmerise… so I’m very glad you accept that compliment! I have been selecting a lot of spring flowers for you. I even picked you a snowdrop. Did you get it?? Xoxo


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