autumn neuroses #poem #poetry

your eyes are young
my breath is heavy
sunflowers vanish in the frost
the tea is boiling
and the cat is purring
it’s autumn in the northern hemisphere
while summer comes on Rio de la Plata

I knew a poet who once said
I want to die unknown on Rio de la Plata
his eyes were old
his arms were strong
I ran to you into the northern hemisphere
and autumn came
to bury me in its neuroses’ mold

your body’s warm
my body’s cold
the room is quiet like a tomb
a nun is kneeling in the street
it’s autumn in the northern hemisphere
while summer comes on Rio de la Plata


image:  Anna Ismagilova; Shutterstock; [link]


78 thoughts on “autumn neuroses #poem #poetry

    1. Thank you Rob. I still need to get to your new song. I’ll be there. There is no way I’ll miss it.

  1. This is beautiful but does, to my mind at least contain a hint of sadness. Yet beauty and sadness so often go together for life is brief. Great poem, Gabriela. Best, Kevin

    1. Kevin, thank you so much for the praise. It does contain sadness.
      “Yet beauty and sadness so often go together for life is brief.” Indeed, Kevin, indeed.
      However, make the rest of your day beautiful. No sadness today 🙂

      1. You also, may your day be a happy one, Gabriela. I’m always conscious when reading poetry of how my own view of the world (or my mood at the particular juncture at which I encounter the poem), can impact on how I perceive it. But we humans are emotional creatures and feeling emotion is intrinsic to our humanity. Kevin

      2. Kevin, I agree. Our moods impact us greatly. You should see me when I am in a bad mood 🙂
        I am fortunate that those around me learned how to ignore my moods.
        The other impact comes indeed from our view of the world. Yes, we are emotional creatures.

      1. Peace and good health to you and your family.
        Have a good rest of the week. 🙂

  2. Dear Gabriela. The juxtaposition of the hemispheres, of summer and winter, of cold and warmth, youth and age. And the meeting of the two… both beautiful and devastating.

    “sunflowers vanish in the frost” and autumn that
    “bury me in neuroses mold”

    The brutality of autumn to that summer, despite summer having willingly followed, the sadness of that. The heart wrenching loss. And the utter beauty of what you have written. It’s so beautiful G.

    1. My dearest Rachel, I apologize for my late reply. Your critiques fills my heart with joy. Juxtapositions: I love them yet I don’t use them as much as I probably should.

      “And the meeting of the two… both beautiful and devastating.” Indeed, my fabulous Rachel. There are meetings that mark us forever.

      “The utter beauty” of what I have written.. thank you so much for saying that. That beauty does not even come close to the beauty and kindness of your soul, Rachel.

      What would I do without you? I breathe your words. They are like the most aromatic flower in the world.

      Thank you so much for everything. Sending you plenty of peach roses and hugs.

      On a different note, if I leave comments on some blogs the replies do not appear all the time in my notifications. That is a function of the fact that I go via a VPN.

      I have to visit your blog to make sure that I can read your replies. Mostly it happens with you and Bojana. I’ll be there as soon as i can,

      1. My dear G. These were wonderful words to read this morning, to know that my words touch you – especially since your words are always touching me. Your peach roses and hugs more than made up for my lack of coffee (most bizarre thing G, I’d run out and had no more 😳). I’m glad I interpreted some aspects of your poem in a way that made sense to you, I wasn’t sure if I had, I’m sure there is more to it, your words always run deep.

        That is so strange about the replies, I wonder if there anything I can change in my settings to help with that.

        Have a wonderful evening hon, you seem so busy at the moment, and sleepless. I hope these things change for you soon xoxox

      2. Sweetheart, thank you so much for your wonderful words. They warmed my soul in this cold autumn evening. No coffee? That must have been very difficult. Seriously. I remember that my mother- one morning when I was a child – ran out of coffee. She literally started crying. My father had to run and buy some that very moment. I? haha. I could not understand why my mother was crying. After all she had me. That tells you not necessarily that I was self-centered, because I wasn’t. I was just so convinced that nothing can make my parents unhappy because they had me 🙂 I will never forget that morning. That was the morning when I learned that my parents were human beings and they had other things to deal with despite the fact that they loved me so much.

        The thing with the replies is stage indeed. I chat with WP about. You can’t do anything. It is my VPN.

        Thank you again for reading me and commenting on my posts, Rachel. It means a lot.

        I hope you liked the peach roses. I am sending you dozens of them 🙂

      3. Gabriela, this story is gorgeous, and warms my heart. Oh, how I identify with your mother’s tears, and oh how I am touched by this little Gabriela, so certain of her parents love for her… the innocence and beauty of that, the amount you must have felt loved and secure. The warmth of your parents…

        Thank you so much for sharing this with me, I will tuck this into the pocket of my heart and store it carefully. Another gift from you.

        Your spirit has wide arms and is full of love. Thank you for your peach roses, they smell beautiful. I think I will send magnolias today… great trees of them to spread archways over your day.

      4. You are so wonderful, Rachel. Your words are superb, your talent magnificent, and your kindness knows no limits.
        Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
        Can you tell me a story about little Rachel too?

      5. Ahhh little Rachel, a dreamer to a degree she would get lost in her thoughts and her books, and would not even hear or see the world around her sometimes, so immersed she was…I was always fascinated by tiny creatures, finding them, rescuing them, making homes for them. Once I saved a young bird fallen from its nest, fed it soggy weetbix for days, fussed over it, planned this life for us, bird and child, forever kindred spirits. But being a dreamer and not very methodical I left the lid off the box, and one morning a few days in I awoke to chirps of terror, and my cat had discovered it and repurposed it breakfast. I was tormented for a long time after that.

      6. Oh, what a story my dearest Rachel. Little Rachel taking care of little bird in need for help. I almost can see you doing it. You are such a beautiful soul. I do not know what to say about the end. Cats are predators. My cat is a sweetheart. Yet, some times she finds little green lizards ( I can’t explain how they get in the house) and then she transforms herself into something else. She kills them and makes me feel so sorry for the poor lizards.
        Thank you for sharing Rachel. This is such a touching story about a little girl and a bird. A great present for me this afternoon.
        Have a weekend filled with flowers and love!

      7. Awww G, thank you for that love, I felt it and I return it. Cats are a law unto themselves. My cat brings mice into the house through the cat door, then either decapitates them and leaves them sprawled on the carpet (it’s like waking up to a crime scene), or more commonly, stupefies them and then abandons them in the house, barely breathing or moving, but alive. It breaks my heart and I never know what to do. I cannot bring myself to kill them even though I know it’s probably the right thing to do. I usually catch them and put them outside in the garden… I want to be furious with my cat, but I can’t because she is too adorable, and it is their nature. As you say, they are predators.

        Have a beautiful weekend dear G. It is getting hot here today. I’ll think of you when I look at the ocean. Love and hugs!

    1. Thank you very much for the praise. Oh, the sunflowers.. I always get sad when their beauty vanishes.

      1. Yes, every creation of nature when fades and loses its colour and life within it is extremely saddening. And yet, there are people who damage these exquisite emblems of the ultimate creator, for example trees, just for money, not choosing to caese their dreadful greed.

    1. I can’t thank you enough for your beautiful comment. The idea that I can nourish the spirit of beauty in my readers humbles me.

  3. Good morning G,

    Apologies for my late appearance. Short Prose party seems to be in full swing. I was i the hospital all day yesterday. My Godson came into the world, so it was in amazing day.

    I have told you before, your poetry transports us to the far corners of the world. This one
    had us enjoying the contrasts between the northern and southern hemispheres. You make dying unknown on Rio De La Plata sound romantic and like a dream come true.

    Stunning images and emotions as always.
    You feed our souls with your brilliance.

    1. Good morning Drew
      Congratulations! What a miracle. I am thrilled you were there.

      I did not know that so I thought you took a little vacation from blogging to recharge and enjoy the sunsets and the sunrises. After all you are living on a tropical island… “Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle” 🙂 I’m taking the pyramids along the Nile 🙂
      “I have told you before, your poetry transports us to the far corners of the world.” Oh, thank you . You know how much your words mean to me. Is Rio de la Plata a far corner of the world? That’s relative, isn’t it?
      “You make dying unknown on Rio De La Plata sound romantic” I do think is romantic. Yet, there is much more in this desire than romanticism.
      “Stunning images and emotions as always.” I am humbled by your words, Drew. They are so dear to me. Thank you again.

      I am looking forward to immerse myself in the romanticism of your next poem. I can’t wait. Don’t forget “”Watch the sunrise on a tropic isle”

      Have a magical day, Drew.

      1. Haha G,

        Watch the sunrise on the island. My insomnia makes this a daily happening.
        They are gorgeous. Ah, now to see that sunrise or sunset over the Nile or the Pyramid of Giza. That must be spectacular. Perhaps, one day… there a beach there?

        As for the blog hiatus, I am taking little breaks of a day or two. This week I have been busy with Axel’s birth. Not that I actually had anything to do with it. (Although I must tell you, as a teen I once helped my cat give birth. Even held up the placenta for her to eat. When I told this story at the hospital, no one wanted my assistance).

        Back to you, I would never want to miss your poetry. That would be like a day without a sunset.

        Have a gorgeous day.

      2. Good evening Drew
        Insomnia? I am really sorry to hear about. I thought you sleep like a baby on that tropical isle. Tropical islands always put me to sleep.
        “is there a beach there?” I have no idea, Drew. I’ve never been to Egypt. There is a delta and the Mediterranean sea so I infer that there are beaches.
        “I must tell you, as a teen I once helped my cat give birth” You are so brave. I would have died on the spot.

        “That would be like a day without a sunset.” Ah, what a great compliment. Thank you. Wait, are you talking about my sunsets or yours? 🙂

        Have a great day tomorrow and of course enjoy the sunrise.


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