children of the first Amen [autumn] #poem #poetry

we were young when our autumn
came to burn leaves in the park
drunk with iambic pentameters
you called me Beatrice by the old fountain
we floated high in the veined sky
in the clouds we lit a candle
with threads of love we sewed our lips
children of the first Amen
we did not see the rain was coming
like heavy fruits forgotten by a harvester on trees
we fell on the same bench right by the fountain
the autumn burned us
and gale winds
blew our ashes to nowhere


image:  Aleshyn_Andrei; Shutterstock; [link]


85 thoughts on “children of the first Amen [autumn] #poem #poetry

  1. Good morning G,

    With threads of love we sewed our lips….
    Breathtaking. I had to read this poem a couple of times because every time I reached this line, it blew me away.

    Those last three lines. Sigh. So beautiful. Wonderful and inspiring.

    1. Good morning Drew,
      I hope it’s a beautiful morning filled with joy and magic. Thank you for the praise. Is this a beach day?

      1. LOL . Funny you should ask. Apparently, I inhaled too much dirt and dust during construction. So my doctor here on the island has instructed me to get more fresh air, via the mountains or the beach.

        Yes, I was smiling from ear to ear. So, now everyday is a beach day!

      2. Did you pay that doctor to say that? What’s his name? I want to see him too. 🙂

        Seriously, I hope you are ok. Constructions sites can be bad.

        Enjoy your time at the beach 🙂

  2. I can feel it again, I can tell that this poetry is written by my dear friend. I missed something the last night. I will not forget it today, Good morning dear friend,

    1. Good morning, my dear friend. I am so glad to have you reading my work again Ankit.
      “I can tell that this poetry is written by my dear friend.” Thank you so much.

      Don’t worry. Write when you have time. I’m here. Hope everything is well

      1. I forgot to metion can I name one of my musical piece as this ‘the silence of the prophets without tongues’ I like it very much, It is from the other post but I was overwhelmed and I missed it there. 🙂

      2. Actually I just uploaded a new track on SoundCloud. Naming a track, I always do it instantly whatever comes to my mind. I was a litle latem this time, I’ll use it for another one.

    1. Such a beautiful comment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      “pure nostalgic bliss under its caressing pillow of drizzly trickles….or say a purple sky of autumn sweetness!” What a beautiful sight you created here. It shows how talented you are.
      My most sincere thanks again.

  3. Do I detect a reference to Dante’s Divine Comedy (or just to Dante in general) in the mention of the name Beatrice? Fitting for a poem about lovers traversing to different planes (going between the park and the clouds) until the final burning comes at the end. On that note, I can’t not applaud the mirroring that takes place at the start and end of the poem. The autumn wind comes to burn leaves in the beginning and then burns the lovers in the end. I love that kind of symmetry. So well done.

    1. Good morning David,
      Yes, you do. How couldn’t you? Thank you so much for the praise and for your beautiful words. I am really glad you enjoyed the symmetry. I worked a bit on that 🙂
      Looking forward to your next post 🙂
      Have a lovely day.

    1. Aw.. I am so humbled by your comment Winnie. Your appreciation means a lot to me.

      Sweetheart, I meant to ask you a question. You can answer when you have time. No pressure. What happened to Gina? Did she stop blogging? I did no see any post from her in a long time.

      Wishing you a beautiful evening.


      1. You’re welcome, dear G! ❤️🌺

        I believe she’s prepping for her book. And she’s busy with her job. You can catch her up on Instagram. Do you have one?

        Thank you and have a great day. ❤️

      2. Thank you for updating me, Winnie. I have a manuscript of poetry that needs lots of updates. I have to work on and then I will send it to a publisher. We will see. I may have to stop blogging too. Hopefully just for a while.


      3. You’re welcome, dear G! Oh! That’s good news! I will miss you. Mine has not really progressed so far. Life always gets in the way. Good luck. 😊❤️🌺

      4. Winnie, thank you so much. Good luck to you too, sweetheart.

        I misunderstood your question. No, I am not on Instagram. I am thinking about. Are you?

      5. That is why I am going to get one. Perhaps at the end of the year. No time till then 🙂

  4. Gosh G,
    Such beauty you describe here, the whimsy of youth and love, “lit a candle in the sky” and “with threads of love we sewed our lips”

    “we did not see the rain was coming”.
    How could you, why should you have to?? And how beautiful is this:

    “like heavy fruits forgotten by a harvester on trees
we fell on the same bench right by the fountain”

    Sometimes, it would be nice to push pause. Stay there in the sky with threads of love and candles.

    Sigh. Another wonderful poem, sorry I was late to it, I missed the notification.

    Hugs to you xoxoxo

    1. Ah, my dearest R. Sorry I did not reply to you yesterday. I read your beautiful comment but I was so tired I couldn’t reply.
      Reading it again fills my heart with joy. I am so glad you enjoyed the poem.
      Your comments are so dear to me.
      A sea filled with love from me to you

      1. Awww hon. I hope that you got a good sleep and are feeling restored. I worry about you a little, I can’t help it.
        Thank you for all that love, I’m so grateful of it and return the same to you xoxo

      2. My dearest Rachel,
        Your kind words brought tears in my eyes. At this point I am so tired that I wonder how I function. But this too shall pass. Your words are a healing breeze, Rachel.
        Hugs and love to you sweetheart.


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