dreams of me #poem #poetry

I will come
to your room
from the ocean of a forgotten autumn
you will be asleep
on the left side of the bed
in the morning
your chest will smell salt
a cardinal will trill
dreams of me


image: nodff; shutterstock; [link]


81 thoughts on “dreams of me #poem #poetry

  1. Good morning G. Happy Friday.

    From the ocean of a forgotten Autumn. Such a beautiful line that can evoke so many different images depending on the perspective of the individual readers.

    This piece says so many things to me and all of them are dreamy and perhaps, fanciful.
    But that is me.

    Absolutely, loved it my dear. To awaken to a chest smelling of salt……beautiful.
    And for a person to be lucky enough to dream of a special person…well, what better
    way to end one day and start another.

    1. Good morning, Drew. Happy Friday.

      Oh, I am thrilled you enjoyed the poem ; very grateful for your praise.

      “From the ocean of a forgotten Autumn” glad you liked that line.

      May your day be fabulous and filled with love and kindness.

  2. I love the image of the cardinal trilling; so much impactful symbolism there. Also, the forgotten autumn and the chest smelling salt hint at additional scenes, even whole stories happening before and between the lines of the poem, planting the idea in the reader’s mind and letting the imagination work. Loved it! Enjoy your Friday.

    1. Thank you so much, David. That’s a gorgeous comment. My Friday is going great now.
      Seriously, always appreciate your kindness.
      Enjoy your day, David,

    1. Haha! I really love love your comment, Eric. Thank you. You made me smile. That wit of yours…

  3. The most beautiful dream ever… and the most beautiful awakening and memory of that dream ever too. I hope your dreams tonight are as beautiful as this. Happy Friday gorgeous G. Xoxo


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