Water #short prose #flash fiction

It was too late. I was already thrown into my memories, chained to my past, tortured by its unbearable voices.

I ran toward the ocean. I jumped. The water glued my dress to my body, hit my burning face, wiped my century-old tears.  In the dark I went deeper and deeper looking for the bottom.

Few seconds, and I felt Miguel’s body wrapping around mine.  His arms were pulling me up.

My lungs were burning. I started coughing.

Miguel whispered: “It never happened, Clara. It never happened.”

And yet something terrible must have happened before Jacques left Paris, something that was deeply buried in my memory, something that I was refusing to acknowledge. Did Jacques come to see me that night? Did he?

A horrifying thought crossed my mind.

Miguel, Angelo, and I would not be put in different heavens or hells. We were going to the same place, so we could continue obsessing over and over about Jacques’ imagined love for me and that dreadful fated night that changed our lives forever.

That’s right: a night that I couldn’t remember.

Excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers



66 thoughts on “Water #short prose #flash fiction

  1. Oh G.

    Good morning.

    What a way to end the excerpt. Clara not being able to remember an unforgettable night.
    So poetically and painfully bittersweet.

    A gorgeous excerpt. If only you could drop everything you are doing just to write Glass Lovers. If life were only that simple. Sigh.

    In the meanwhile, keep teasing us with these excerpts. I will have to purchase two copies.
    One for Orlando and one for my hut.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment, Drew.
      I am thrilled you enjoyed the excerpt. It makes me happy.
      You don’t have to purchase anything. Assuming that I finish, the two copies are my gift to you.
      Be well. Be inspired. Keep us updated re; your “hut” 🙂
      Enjoy every minute of your day.

      1. Thank you for sending me your address 🙂 Very clever 🙂 What about the one in Orlando?

      2. Honestly, I did not. Now I have to google it 🙂
        Perhaps I’ll retreat there while you in the Dominican Republic.
        Oh, I’m jealous, Drew. You must know I am jealous 🙂

      3. Orlando is a beautiful city. A really nice restaurant scene. And Fogo de Chão, too. It’s more than just theme parks.

        Going to Orlando while I am in DR. I’ll show you. Next time your on vacation I am going to visit your city at…….er…..yeah!
        Don’t be jealous my dear. You lead an important exciting life while I’m just chasing rainbows.

      4. Honestly all I remember are theme parks and orange groves. Fogo de Chão, sounds great.
        “I am going to visit your city at…….er…..yeah!” Nice try 🙂 The truth is that I do not know where I live. I came to the conclusion that living is a matter of interpretation.
        “You lead an important exciting life while I’m just chasing rainbows.” I am ready to change places.

      5. Maybe, you haven’t settled in that place your heart calls home.

        You don’t need to change places. With your work, poetry, and magnetic personality you are inspiring the world.
        There is nothing more beautiful than that.

      6. Maybe, you haven’t settled in that place your heart calls home (Miami). I tell myself everyday I’ll find a way to get back.
        Is it “change” places or “trade places”? Change places sounds like “make a line here” Oh, I miss Miami.

        Thank you for your wonderful words, Drew. They mean a lot to me.

  2. The suspense you create here left me breathless and searching for more. The reasons behind Clara’s century old tears, her tortured memories that have her running for the sea. I have said before that when I read this book, no-one will see me until I’ve finished it.
    it’s magnificent

    1. Oh, Rachel, you are so sweet. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      I’ve seen your piece with Watt. It’s way after midnight here. I had a very taxing day. Came home and collapsed. Got up for a few minutes.
      I’m going back to sleep and I’ll read your piece tomorrow. It deserves a lot of attention.
      Will you wait for me to get there?

      Love and plenty of hugs

      1. Dearest G…. gosh, all I can hope is that you have collapsed in a deep and peaceful sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed…. I know life isn’t like that sometimes, but I wish it for you all the same.

        Sleep my dear friend, I’ll try my best to send you beautiful dreams

    1. Hey David.
      Thank you so much for your kind words. “Mesmerized” I am thrilled to hear.
      May your tomorrow be wonderful.


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