ropes of destiny #poetry #poem

you’re looking at the vial
I’m looking at the dagger
neither of us
worthy of redemption

tale of the Verona lovers
the die is cast
vain efforts to escape each other end nowhere
erotic pollen
settles between us
it rips my heart apart
it makes your heart bit faster
ropes of destiny
tie us



57 thoughts on “ropes of destiny #poetry #poem

  1. passionate, clever, with wonderful lines. thank you for sharing!


    Iacta alea est
    the victim is given
    my lips swollen
    the tongue is dry

    Verona forever

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words. I am elated that you like it. The die is cast indeed. Who wrote that?

      1. Ha Ha, so amazing lines and hyperlinks. Why do you think a distinguished author that Caesar likes only one type of writing? Thank you again!

  2. Good morning,

    Hope your Sunday morning gor off to a good start. Mine has started with wonderful inspiration after reading this.

    Oh, G……this was gorgeous. Your creativity is breathtaking. “erotic pollen, ropes of destiny.” A perfect finale.
    You don’t write about love, you make us feel it with the beautiful images you paint.

    I would bow before you, but I am afraid I may get a dizzy spell.

    Have a magificent and inspiring day SPF. May it be filled with inspiration and poetry.

    1. Good Morning, Drew.
      There is a lot of work waiting for me this Sunday. I didn’t want this Sunday to come.

      Thank you for your unbelievable praise. It warms my heart and it makes my work more bearable.

      Really I am so glad you liked this piece.

      Have a fabulous Sunday and thank you again. Looking forward to your next post 🙂

      1. Work on Sunday. Ugh. Someday, I need to encourage the vagabond in you.

        Liked this piece? My fault. I guess I didn’t make it clear. I adored it.

        I will let you get back to your work. Please make sure this Sunday doesn’t end without you finding a little “Me-Time” for yourself.

      2. Haha! I work most weekends, Dew. Such is the profession I am in.

        “adore” what a beautiful think to say. Thank you.

        The vagabond in me is going to an Italian restaurant tonight 🙂

        Stay inspired. Enjoy the magic of the day.

    1. Ah, I really hope my poetry deserves such a beautiful comment. I am so humbled by your words.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      Have a great rest of the day/ evening.

      1. You’re most welcome, Gabriela. I reread your poem several times and really appreciated the depth of it the more I read it, and it reminded me of a fine wine. And just as wine leaves one feeling languid, your poetry has the same effect. Have a lovely Sunday!

    1. Haha! I will let you wonder, Ivor 🙂 Thank you for your comment. I hope everything is well with you.

  3. My dearest G, this is so beautiful. The kind of love that is so full of passion but edged with destructiveness. How could you even come up with the phrase “erotic pollen?” – I’m speechless. This conveys something so unbelievably deep, immense, beautiful, but ultimately perhaps not that good for you. Tied by ropes of destiny that you cannot or do not want to escape. And if you do, it’s hard not to get tied back up in them again.

    This kind of poem deserves to be read and reread, over and over. You are entirely inspirational.
    I read in earlier comments you are going for Italian for dinner. This warms my heart to know.

    1. What could I say? Your beautiful and thoughtful comment took my breath away.
      Thank you so much, my dearest R. I am glad I can inspire. I think you know you do that too.
      It was a good dinner. Everything Italian is good. Well, sometime too good.. It could be even too good to handle.
      Early morning in your beautiful part of the world. Enjoy your coffee and the last flicker of the stars.
      May your day be filled with love and sunshine.

      1. Too good to handle? I sense a parallel here with this poem… and yes, I know what you mean. I’m glad you enjoyed your dinner. If it was too good, then maybe you needed to indulge. Sleep well dear friend.


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