before you came (the day of the fallen saints) #poem #poetry

you do not know
how many countries I have traveled
how many marvels I have shown myself
the names of the dead souls I’ve resurrected
my victims’ kisses buried in a pink conch shell
inside the whispers of the messianic Nazareth
He who knew of His own crucifixion
picked up my tears
broke the bread
so I could lock the memory of my first kiss
inside the rocks of the eternal Spanish Steps
and walk again through fields of roses and lavender
into gestating dreams of no constraints

yet see,
all that happened
before the day you came into my life
the day when all the fallen saints
were set free


image: Tatyana Mi; Shutterstock; [link]


69 thoughts on “before you came (the day of the fallen saints) #poem #poetry

  1. Good Saturday morning G.
    You just continue to amaze and awe with your powerful images and profound writing. And as if this masterpiece wasn’t beautiful enough you bless us with the most glorious finale I have ever read.

    No doubt, we will see this gorgeous verse again when you advise us of its publication. Because something as profound and artistic as this should be hanging in the LeMusée du Louvre.

    Please stay inspired and always bless us with your words.

    1. Good morning Drew.
      Thank you so much for your high praise. You really made me blush. Please know that your support and kindness are very dear to me.
      I am glad you liked poem and its finale.
      Le Musée du Louvre? You are SO SWEET. Should I frame my poem and send it to Paris? I am kidding 🙂 🙂 🙂
      However, the appreciation expressed in your comment humbles me and, at the same time, makes me very happy.

      Thank you again for your beautiful words of praise.
      Be loved. Be inspired!
      Have a fabulous weekend.

      1. I was just checking Museums-R-Us in search or an appropriate frame.
        Seriously this was gorgeous. In my eternally growing list of SPF masterpieces.

        Have a wondeeful weekend? You aren’t posting tomorrow???

      2. Ay… thank you again. Museums-R-Us 🙂

        Venetians blinds
        masterpieces lists….”

        That’s starting to ring in my head. Tristan Tzara, Dadaism.
        You inspire me, Drew. Maybe one day I will attempt to write like Tzara 🙂

        I will post tomorrow, and I am looking forward to your post on Monday 🙂

        Thank you again for your beautiful words!

      3. Dadism??? Just can’t imagine you doing that. LOL
        My coffee and I are happy about tomorrow’s post.
        Monday? Hmmm….a different kind of poem. Not sure how it will play out. So we shall see.

        My pleasure.

      4. Are your coffee and you “bustelo happy” ? 🙂

        I am sure it’s going to be a great poem.

    1. I will find you, do not worry 😊
      Thank you for being such a supportive friend.
      Can such love be real? You are the one who knows the answer🌸
      Take care Shantanu, wherever you are 🦋🌸🌺

  2. Bonsoir
    une belle écriture profonde un voyage au cœur de vos souvenirs au parfum de lavande et d’un premier baiser et d’autre volés au cour de votre périple
    Douce soirée amicalement

    1. Bonsoir Bea,

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. Your beautiful words and your appreciation mean the world to me.
      They always bring back the profound love I have for your country in which I used to live for three years.
      “Rappelle-toi tes amours
      Rappelle-toi puisque c’est ton tour” 🙂

      And I do remember.

      May you have a fabulous evening Bea!

      1. 🙂You are welcome once again, and my evening has been very wonderful thank you. Spent my day in Cumberland, Maryland.🙂

      2. George Washington’s headquarters in Riverside Park. That’s beautiful!

      3. I visited the headquarters. Neat place. I rode the train in hopes to do a future article. I also drove along the C&O Canal. It would have been great to have you along.


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