…keep my memory #short prose #flash fiction

“I want your flesh to keep my memory, and your soul to forget me.”
“Well, Angelo, crucify me. I said that because at the time I did not believe flesh has any memory. Now, I do not know what to believe anymore.”
Every night the wounded blue of his eyes haunts me.
What have I done? 

excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers



49 thoughts on “…keep my memory #short prose #flash fiction

    1. Aw.. Ash, thank you. I am thrilled you liked it.
      Are you on Instagram? I always relate Wordporn with Instagram 🙂

  1. I cannot wait for the day I can curl up with your novel…. the luxury of losing myself in your words G, these characters… How could Angelo forget her, flesh or soul? Love does not forget..
    Happy Friday gorgeous G, sending the Friday feels, and hope work has eased up a bit xoxo

    1. Oh, my sweetest R, thank you for kind comment. I hope the day I will finish comes sooner rather than later.
      It seems that is still night for you or very early morning. You should be sleeping now sweetheart in your bed of roses. I hope everything is well with you.

  2. Love your lines. The flesh would not keep your memory, your soul and mind has memory. Though, real memories are difficult to be faded from life. I like your perspective. Keep going ahead with your wonderful writing and brining a smile upon my face, and as I said before just awesome! Left me speechless. It took me time to figure out the real and the true meaning, but I re read it and the surface meaning of this was different from the deep meaning. I may not be able to comment always, but I read your posts every time.
    Warm regards,
    William Johnson

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, and welcome to my blog. Angelo is one of the characters of my novel.

    1. Thank you so much, dear. I do not know when is going to be ready. It may take several years.
      Take care, Aruna.

  3. Hola G.

    Another wonderful excerpt. An intriguing contradiction to want to be remembered by flesh (desire) yet not remember by the soul. Every excerpt you post, holds such promise.
    One can only dream of the day we hold your ovel in our hands.

    Hope you are doing well my dear friend.

    1. I am thrilled you enjoy the excerpt, Drew. Thank you for your beautiful comment and for your kindness. It means a lot to me.
      “One can only dream of the day we hold your novel in our hands.” One will have to wait a long time. I don’t have time to write. And this world is so loud. I need to be isolated from the rest of the world in order to finish. It’s not going to happen soon.
      Anyway, thank you again. Your support may make me to write more.

  4. Oh, this reply made my heart skip a beat. Life is so short and it tugs us in so many different directions. Time is always a challenge. Isolation! I know exactly what you mean. Thus, the little hut. I hope you can find time or a special hideaway where words will flow.

    Sorry, I am being a little selfish. But i REALLY NEED TO READ GLASS LOVERS. PRONTO.
    Have a great coyote-less evening.

    1. Ay.. thank you so much for your kind words, Drew. It’s not going to be that pronto 🙂
      “Have a great coyote-less evening.” Haha! It’s either coyotes in the night or water moccasins delighting themselves on my patio during day time 🙂
      Apparently I have plenty of choices 🙂 Other than that everything is a paradise provided that I don’t go out and I admire my beautiful natural surroundings from inside.


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