65 thoughts on “out to sea #poem #poetry

  1. This is truly magnificent dear G, so soothing, it reads like a beautiful dream, one that I would yearn to be blown out to sea, united with the poems buried in the waves.

    I love it

  2. A gorgeous piece that resonates inside of me. So happy, I didn’t miss this thing of beauty.

    Apologies for my lateness G. Life knocked me down for a while, but I have never been one to remain on the seat of my pants. Hope you are well. Certainly hope you have smelled a flower or two. Be well my friend. I hope the day gives you a reason to smile.

    1. Thank you so much, Drew. I am so glad this little poem resonated with you.
      “Life knocked me down for a while” I am very sorry to hear that. Could you please make sure that it doesn’t happen again?
      “Certainly hope you have smelled a flower or two” I do that inside. Outside there is too much grass and I am allergic to grass πŸ™‚
      May the breath of that warm ocean bless you tonight.

  3. This is so pure and beautiful. I could imagine myself sitting by the sea and strong winds blowing my hair, while reading your poem. You are quite a talented writer! Keep writing!🌸


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