Shiver #poem #poetry #short prose

A full moon weeps cold fragrant oil on my face.
The cicadas’ song penetrates the membranes of the space.
On one of my arms a purple mark sighs and then falls asleep.
Looking for prey a snake’s tongue splits the time in two.
I feel the bite.


image:  Alenavlad; Shutterstock; [link]


103 thoughts on “Shiver #poem #poetry #short prose

  1. Good morning G,

    A truly beautiful piece. Of course, I loved the rhyme and gorgeous finale. Would like to share a thought. Perhaps, it is time for purple mark to sleep profoundly. (Smiling) Especially, when there are so many other colors worthy of our attention. Now, if you meant purple as creativity, let me set an alarm clock. Your creativity, even if it full of sadness, must always be shared with this black and gray world.

    Your reference to the moon and her cold oil was also gorgeous.

    Oh, did I mention this was a beautiful piece? I think I already did.

    Thank you for your inspiring write. It truly is one of the beautiful things in life.

    1. Good morning, Drew
      What are you doing in my spam folder? 🙂

      Thank you so much for the praise. Kind and generous as always. Yes, you mentioned twice the writing was beautiful. Thank you again (see I did it twice too) 🙂

      “Now, if you meant purple as creativity, let me set an alarm clock. Your creativity, even if it full of sadness, must always be shared with this black and gray world.” I am not sure what I meant. But I highly appreciate your words. This discussion about colors made me think of game theories: “the prisoner dilemma” vs “the battle of the sexes” Perhaps I should come up with something like :the battle of the colors” 🙂

      Thank you again, Drew.
      Have a beautiful and productive day.

      1. Of course, I wouldn’t be in a filet mignon or Crème brûlée folder. Such is life.

        the prisoner dilemma. I stay away from such thoughts. I left the dog vs dog world a long time ago.

        Battle of the sexes reminds me of the landmark moment in the feminist movement back in the early 70s when Billy Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in a winner takes all tennis match.

        Have a beautiful day G.

  2. My best friend, over the last couple years, has taken up leather work. His rough calculation is that he’s put in somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,300 hours of practice. He shared that it takes 10,000 hours, or closer to 5,000 if you are talented, to become an expert. When I look at the pieces that he made recently, from those in the beginning, I can clearly see the difference. Because I haven’t dedicated 1 hour, let alone 10,000, to leather work I can’t always identify those subtleties. However, while in no way professing to be an expert, I have put in “just a couple” hours to writing poetry and when I read your pieces I am usually left with one simple question I am almost scared to know the answer to.

    While not always my “style”, it’s so easy to admire what you craft! Bravo for this and many others I might have left unacknowledged but not untouched by.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. It is an impressive story. I highly appreciate your comment and your sincerity.
      May your poetry journey be fabulous and filled with rewards.

      1. I didn’t see a reply from you and I wanted you to know that I loved your piece very much.

      2. No, it can’t be in my spam. I left it on your blog. I will read your reply on your site.
        Have a beautiful day, my friend.

  3. I continue to be enthralled by your ability to make so few words count for so much. Always I feel my imagination is expanded when I read your work. The ending has an impact I can’t even quite put my finger on but can definitely feel. Brava!

    1. David, thank you for the praise. Your comments are always appreciated.
      “I feel my imagination is expanded when I read your work” That is really very kind of you to say. It makes me happy.
      Looking forward to your next post.

    1. William, William, how generous of you. Thank you so much for your wonderful words, my friend.
      Have a stellar week filled with love and inspiration.

    1. Scott, I am humbled by your comment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
      Have a beautiful week.
      Looking forward to reading your new posts.

      1. I am glad you liked the comment! You are always so kind and so himble!
        Did you read my latest posts? How were they? Did I disappoint?
        May your week ahead be blossoming and an epitome of happiness.

      2. Dear Scott,
        I read all your posts. You got some likes from me. I don’t give likes lighter. You are talented,, Scott. I am in a very busy period, but I will try to do my best. I’ll go over some of your pieces again and my comments will come.
        Have a great evening 🙂

      3. Thank you so much. I an so very humbled; there is little I have heard about my writing that is as great. Oh! It’s okay if you do not comment. But you always praise my writing so much, perhaps is there anything wrong?

      4. Scott, it’s nothing wrong. It’s a beginning of new semester and I have a lot of pressures on me. That is all.

  4. I am shivering with you G. Under the cool moon, immersed in rhythmic sounds and night fragrance. A shock in its beauty and delivery to your skin. I feel the whole poem offers consideration of a dialectic, opposing sides or interpretations of a person, an event.

    And then, this snake, otherworldly, splitting time, bruising you, perhaps showing you both love and bite, two sides. I wonder at the poison of this snake… of light and dark, of yesterday and tomorrow. I felt that bite.

    I send you a balm for that bite, just in case it wasn’t the type that left a good sigh.

    Much love xoxo

    1. Ay.. my dearest R. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gorgeous interpretation and for the balm. The balm is part of your beautiful heart. It healed me fast.
      Now, the evening is serene.
      Love and hugs back you you.

  5. Una luna piena piange il freddo olio profumato sul mio viso.
    Il canto delle cicale penetra nelle membrane dello spazio.
    Su una delle mie braccia un segno viola sospira e poi si addormenta.
    In cerca di prede la lingua di un serpente divide il tempo in due.
    Sento il morso.

    saluti dall’Italia

    1. Flavio, I can;t tell you how humbled and honored I am. Every time you do this my days shine. Thank you for another shining day.
      Warm wishes

    1. My lovely K is here. What a pleasure to have you back. Thank you so much for your marvelous comment. Things are ok. I hope your writing is going well. Can’t wait to read your novel.

    1. Thank you so much. I am thrilled you liked it.
      I hope everything is well. Sending you love and best wishes.

    1. Aw.. Daniela. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. for the praise It means a lot to me that you think so.
      May your night be filled with bright stars,
      Love and hugs.

      1. Intimidating? My dearest Wendi, I don’t want my work to intimidate anybody. I just want to touch my readers hearts, sweetheart. Granted, I think this is a humongous task, but I am trying hard.
        Have a beautiful rest of the day.


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