Thoughts [4]: Mistrust #short prose #flash fiction

I mistrust definitions. I believe only in that which hides behind them.

So did my father who built an empire founded on the unseen.

I am his daughter.


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66 thoughts on “Thoughts [4]: Mistrust #short prose #flash fiction

  1. That is an amazing post. If your father taught you to be what you are today, or did he give you the artistic mind which is so perfect for writing, then I have no words that can draft an impression in my mind as beautiful of a ‘never heard of before’ person. Though I just wanted to know, is there any specific reason for writing this piece? Though, of course it could be a simple way to honor that man who is one of the dearest in life to you.
    Though I must say, whatever you say, or whatever you create, there is always such a flavor in it that I can’t resist, thanks to your aesthetic skill and your drunken poetics.
    Warm Regards with a cup of coffee,

    1. William, thank you so much for your unbelievable comment. It touches my heart in ways that you will never know. I will always remember it.
      Yes, my father was an extraordinary man. He taught me many things. He recently passed away. Yet, despite the pain, I keep going because he asked me to. He taught me so.
      Thank you again, William. Wishing you a beautiful evening.

      1. If that comment was unbelievable, I shall dedicate it to your father whom I can understand from just a few lines of conversation, was an extraordinary, talented and wonderful man.
        What a tragic incident that your father died. It is always an algebraic maze through life when you have to go through something so agonizing as this. Life is a vast place’ with bridges, roads and rivers of all sorts. And there are something that you cannot help, but learn to live without. May your father’s soul rest in peace in the most beautiful part of heaven.
        Hope I helped you in some way. If you ever need any help you can talk to me.
        I’d credit Scott Rainer for inspiring me to write this comment.
        Have a beautiful evening too, and stay strong in what is the bluest part on one’s life.

      2. Thank you so much, William. May our beloved souls rest in peace.
        You did help me a lot with your compassion and understanding. With your offer to talk to me. I can’t thank you enough for your kind words. Thank you to Scott too.
        Sending you lots of blessings and peace.

      3. Amazingly penned! This took my breath and my heart away!
        My heartfelt condolence to your father, dear, whom I can tell is a man of incredible poetry and intellect.
        Thank you William for saying those beautiful words!

      4. Thank you so much, Scott. I will keep your words in my heart. They mean a lot to me.
        Your kindness shines and I am grateful for that.

      5. You are welcome. I shall never ever in my life forget these words of gratitude. There is a truth and a meaning in them that has touched me deep inside.
        Have a wonderful day!

  2. Good morning G,

    A power tribute to your father and the father-daughter bond. We are extensons of our parents. We carry their beliefs with us like the memories of them that we treasure in the deepest parts of our heart. He lives on in your heart and soul, and in your beautiful writing.

    Don’t know what the weather is like around your way, but I hope the sun is shining, even if it is only for you. Be well my precious friend.

    1. Good morning Drew.
      Thank you so much for your beautiful words. You touched my soul.
      There is sun around me. I feel its warmth. I hope there is sun around you too. Now and always.

      1. You’re right. But they are mine. I used them first 🙂 And the ayy s are mine too. Ok. You can use them too 🙂 You are my dear friend.
        Thank you for everything Drew.
        The word Cubano brings back so many lovely memories.
        Have a bright day in your beautiful tropical isle. My heart goes to everyone in the Bahamas now. Watching Florida.

    1. Thank you David. Your words mean a lot to me.
      Wishing you a beautiful day. Spend part of it with those lovely characters of yours.

    1. Sweetheart, thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me,
      Flowers and hugs to you.

  3. Dear G. Your words tell me something of the power of that bond and love between you and your father, and the integrity and conviction of you both…. The strength of an empire. I can feel your support and respect of him, and the strength he gave you.

    I can only imagine how proud he would be to read these words. Any father would be.

    You are in my thoughts darling friend, this time must be so difficult.
    Sending you love and hugs, and also a little light, because sometimes a grieving heart needs that xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for your understanding and for your beautiful words, my dearest R. You brighten my mornings.
      Yes, the bond was very strong. I can’t tell how I feel yet. The reality it’s going the hit later.
      Sending you love and hugs

      1. I think death of a loved one can be too much for our minds to comprehend and too difficult for our hearts to keep up. So, it comes in waves, it’s tidal, not constant. . Sigh. I hope you have all the support and love around you that you need and deserve. 💖💖💖🌸🌸🌸 xoxo

    1. This is an interesting interpretation. I am thrilled to see that my readers interpret my work differently. Many thank for reading and commenting 🙂


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