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“Angelo, are you telling me that last night instead of ending up in the room of your most beloved 18-year-old nun to indulge her virginity, so to speak, you ended up in a small decrepit chapel?”

He was furious. His voice was raspy; his dark curly hair disheveled; his shirt open. Nesting on his chest that gold cross of his which he never took off. I pulled the white sheet to my neck and retreated toward the head of the bed.

“Oh, no, Clara, I am telling you that somebody changed the room number that she gave me with another number.”


He raised his voice.

“Precisely the point. You did not ask ‘why’ you asked ‘how’.  You tell me how, Clara.”

“Are you implying …”

Miguel entered the bedroom.

“What on earth…”

The whole scene must have looked ridiculous: Angelo in the middle of the room gesticulating, his eyes rotating in his head like those of a mad man or like those of a prophet – ah, that city in which the difference between mad men and prophets was blatantly blurred  –  and I, under the bed sheet, knees to my chin, trying not to laugh.
Through the open window the morning wind brought the sweet earthy smell of the dark olive groves, which for years have lain on right side of the mansion.

Excerpt from the manuscript “Glass Lovers”/draft



55 thoughts on “Angelo #short prose #flash fiction

  1. This made me smile, Gabriela. As a boy I attended a Catholic school which was run by both nuns and secular staff. So far as I am aware no men ever attempted to enter the rooms of an 18-year-old nun but, had they done so it would certainly have given we boys and girls (the institution was mixed) something to talk about! Best – Kevin

    1. I’m glad it made you smile, Kevin. Thrilled to know more about you.
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.

  2. Always in for a treat when I read your work G. I love the relationships between these characters, their warmth, their wit, their passion. And the setting, utterly breathtaking. I am intrigued and always just want to keep on reading these excerpts. I hope someday, I will xoxo

    1. Aw.. thank you so much for your beautiful comment. See, just a few words from you put a smile on my face.

    1. Aw… thank you so much, my dearest Winnie. I am glad you enjoyed it ❤️💕🌸🤗

    1. Thank you, Bojana. I am pretty sure I saw one of your poems published in a journal. Congratulations 🎈 yet I did not see it on your blog. Did I miss something?

      1. If it was FVR, it’s because that’s not a new poem. I was asked if I had sth on love and I sent them 2 reprints. That’s why. It’s like a blog or a collective, that’s why. Both got previously published elsewhere and already appeared on my blog.

  3. Hola G,

    Sitting here trying to contain my smile. Angelo considered visiting the room of a young nun, sounds like somone I know. The entire scene was delighful. I can only imagine Miguel’s reaction upon entry. lol . You masterfully bring your characters and their situations to life.

    My dear, you need to get Glass Lovers published soon. Or you may have to autograph my braille edition.

    Always a delight to read pieces of your novel.

    1. Hola Drew,

      I hope you are kidding.

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comment.
      “sounds like someone I know” Really? Who is that someone? 🙂
      Take care Drew. Have a great evening.

      1. It looks like you guys are all set. For what? It remains to be seen 🙂


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