Kevin Morris’ interview with me #interview

Dear Readers,

I am thankful to Kevin for conducting this interview with me.

I am honoured to post the below interview with Gabriela M, a writer I greatly admire, and I’m extremely grateful to Gabriela for her kind words regarding my own work. You can find Gabriela M online here,

1. What is the first book you remember having read?

Kevin, before I answer your questions allow me to thank you for this interview. I greatly admire your poetry. I am honored to be your guest.

The first book I remember reading apart from Snow White and other children’s books is Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days. I was fascinated by it.

2. In relation to question 1, What impression did the book make on you?

It had quite an effect on my life. I was very young when I read it. After reading it I got this idea that I must travel to see the world. The desire to see the world caused me to attempt to run away from home.

My parents loved me very much. I had a happy childhood. Can you imagine my parents’ shock when I first ran away from home? I was a little girl walking the streets by myself, talking to myself, and marveling at every new thing I saw….

You can continue to read the entire interview here


60 thoughts on “Kevin Morris’ interview with me #interview

  1. Thank you again, Gabriela for appearing on my blog. I wish you continuing success with your writing and look forward to continuing to read your work. All the very best – Kevin

    1. Thank you again for interviewing me, Kevin. Wishing you success and looking forward to reading your new poetry.

    1. Thank you so much, Bojana. It means a lot to me you read it. Hope everything is ok.

    1. My dearest R, thank you so much for reading and for your your wonderful comment

  2. Hola

    A wonderful glimpse into SPF. So, you were born feisty. Walking off on your own to travel the world. Great story. Not the least bit surprised little G would be ready to face the world alone. The power in your writing serves as a clue to the passion inside you.

    Great book to fall in love with literature, reading, the world, and one’s imagination.

    1. Dear Charlie,
      Thank you so much for reading and pointing toward that line.
      It means a lot to me you are here.
      Blessings, my friend.

      1. That is so true, Charlie. Thank you for your wonderful comment.

  3. Hello Gabriela,
    It’s a difficult task trying to send out the invites.
    If you still like, you can request access to my blog.
    I will accept my regulars.
    Sorry for this hassle.
    – Jen

      1. I find it difficult sometimes…the interviews, answering all the questions, sometimes it feels like I’m too boring (as a person) or have nothing to share…aaaaa

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