Aquatic Sorcery #poem #poetry

Liquid shoulders touched by wings of albatrosses shiver.
The occult aroma of the volcano goddess cries.
A lily and a rose light candles in the dark.
My pregnant soul invokes my ancestors.
Ecstasy encroaches its eight hands around your naked chest.
A lonely pearl looks for its shell.

Tears shed in silence.
Aquatic sorcery of immortal dreams.


image:  Kiryl Lis; Shutterstock; [link]


53 thoughts on “Aquatic Sorcery #poem #poetry

      1. Thank you. Not as magical as your work which I enjoy tremendously.

    1. Thank you so much. “waves lapping at the shore of my mind” Gorgeous. I am humbled by your comment.

  1. Good afternoon,

    It appears as if I am having problems posting on your blog again.

    This was magical. I agree with The Alchemist. This one was special. It was quite spellbinding.

    Your lines of the lonely pearl resonated very deeply. Perhaps cutting deeper than any other lines I have ever read. You are an amazing poet. You never disappoint,

    1. Good afternoon, Drew.

      I am sorry to hear about. I have to talk to WP again because you are not the only one.

      Anyway, thank you so much for taking to time to read and comment. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your praise. I am really thrilled you enjoyed the poem.

      On another note, I hope you solve the problem with the boxes. In the morning I had this great idea to start cleaning my closets. It’s going to take me about three months to do so. I need help 🙂

      Have a wonderful afternoon and I am looking forward to your next post!

      1. Oh, I have been relentless organizing my new nest. Hopefully, in a few days I can finally return to my manuscript.

        Your closet. Can’t you wave your wand? LOL
        I now have a walk-in closet, it has taken quite a bit of time to get it organized the way I want. Best of luck with yours.

        Monday….just prepped it earlier this morning.
        Can’t think of Monday, when your Sunday post is waiting.

        Have a gorgeous day. (It was 90 and sunny here today. Florida is spoiling me.)

      2. Drew, I am glad things are going well and you are happy. 90 is great. I hope you enjoyed the day.
        Have a wonderful starry evening 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. Your love and support mean so much to me 🤗❤️🤗🌺

    1. Ayyyy… If you say so, I trust you. I guess you know that. Enjoy your Sunday, my dear friend.

  2. I have just read this one again. Beautifully written. I feel and taste every verse deep in my soul being aware of the magic flow this whole piece of yours has. A most delightful poem to read!

    1. Aw.. I am delighted you enjoyed the piece. Thank you so much for your wonderful words.

      1. You are welcome. You are very kind. Thank you so much for the follow and for your time. I really appreciate this. However, there is a much better writer than me. I strongly recommend you and all your followers my friend Mario Savioni’s novelette “Pickles and Tarts” (very short chapters, easy to read). It is a story where 54-year-old Frank has been selected by 19-year-old Nicole through a dating site. Frank looks at Nicole’s photos on the site and is attracted to her beauty. Nicole tells him she has a boyfriend and is not interested in a romantic relationship. She adds: “It’s fun to talk to different people sometimes.” The only apparent thing Frank and Nicole seem to have in common is their interest to write stories. Perhaps they want to meet just to write one together? Now Frank has already started to imagine this story, a story-within-the-main-story. “Pickles and Tarts” is a lovely story of illusion-delusion, dream-reality, non-conformist with the Capitalist system, reflective on love, sex, drugs, abuse, loneliness and human relationships in today’s world. It is profound and highly intriguing. I recommend chapter 14:

        Mario is a very talented writer. Without him I would never have had the courage to write poetry and to start my blog. To me it is even more important that people appreciate his work than my own. Thank you again.

      2. You are welcome. Thank you so much for your recommendation. Gratitude is rare this days. And your words about Mario speak volumes about your beautiful soul.

      3. I just read some of Mario’s pieces. His work is great. Looking forward to your comments 🙂

      4. I do like his work very much. He already commented on one of my posts. Thank you for introducing us.

        Looking forward to your next post.
        Gabriela 🙂

    1. Ah.. I am humbled and delighted you liked it. Thank you so much for reading and commenting 🙂


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