Flesh #short prose #flash fiction

Oh, that quarter of the city wounded by its own sexuality.

Every street filled with shadowy characters: hungry scavenger birds looking to devour each other’s flesh.

Exposed skin and uttered sexual desires; bodies becoming their own souls’ mortuaries; a type of grotesque Greek tragedy whose protagonists lacked the nobility heroism bestows upon us.

It was painful to imagine what kind of wounds could reduce a thousand of Petrarch’s Lauras to infantile despondency.

And yet…

Excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers

image: Kozlik; Shutterstock; [link]


43 thoughts on “Flesh #short prose #flash fiction

  1. Good morning G. You have brought a dark, seedy part of city to life. Without mentioning it, your words breathed life into every corner and avenue.

    “Bodies becoming their own souls’ mortuaries.”

    Such a powerful and vivid phrase that packs a knock out of a punch.

    Anyone interested in reading great poetry and fiction, need only stop here at SPF. It us the one stop shop. (Sorry, wasn’t trying to compare you to Walmart). LOL
    But your writing is always eloquent and exquisite.

    1. Good Morning Drew,
      Your praise makes me blush. Thank you.
      However, there are so many other sites where people can stop to read beautiful poetry and prose. Including yours.
      Walmart, what’s that ? 🙂
      My kind thanks again. Make sure you enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you so much, Bill. You are really kind. I am glad you enjoyed the post.
      One day I will sit down in front of my computer and rewrite all my comments on your posts 😊
      You can’t say I lack determination 😊
      Have a fabulous rest of the day.

    1. Thank you for your comment, my dear friend. Unfortunately yes.
      Well I thought you may be in a plane or some meeting.
      Glad you found time to read my post.
      Take care 😊

  2. I like this way of writing prose. An interesting fact.Petrarch on the eve of his death, wrote: “I don’t even think about anything but her”

    1. Thank you so much, B. I am glad you enjoyed the piece.
      I did not know that. Where did you find that quote?

    1. My most sincere thanks for your beautiful comment. It makes me want to write more 🙂

  3. Oh.my God !!so much melancholic feelings;shivering by reading in depth of heart.amazing peace of poem,my dear friend!!this time a song is reminded me”हम है मता-ए-कूचा बाजार की तरह,उठती है हर नजर खरीद दार की तरह….”marvellous my dear friend G🌹🌹🌹🌹 i will translate my line later if you can not understand with love❤.

    1. My dear Aruna, thank you for reading and commenting. I am sorry but I do not understand that sentence. Love to you too!

      1. My dear friend!!here is the English translation-“we are the shop of fleshs in a street of Bazaar(Market) of city.where all eyes see us as a selling things….i think it is enough to understand for you ,my dear friend.after sometime i publish dt song on you tube with English subtitles.love dear n love for your heart touching poem.💕💕💕💕💕

  4. Thank you, Aruna, I understand now. You do not need to send me anything else.
    I wish you a beautiful and blessed evening, dear!


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