Soul Bonds #Short Prose #Flash Fiction

Winter night tormented by hauling winds. I lie in bed. I can hear that beautiful raspy voice of his:

“I have seen so much in my life: indescribable humiliations, deep scars on burned faces, dreams crushed like broken glass on empty floors.

We desperately want to love, to possess each other, caught in a perpetual rush to justify our existence.

Yet there is no love that can fully satisfy us.  The passions of the flesh get exhausted in bed. What is left is exhausted by our imagination.

Physical love does not bind forever. Soul bonds do.”

Memories of a silky African violet nightgown modeling my body.

Ah, where are you? Where are you now?


excerpt from the manuscript “Glass Lovers”

image: Anna Ismagilova; Shutterstock, [link]


72 thoughts on “Soul Bonds #Short Prose #Flash Fiction

  1. Souls bond. So true. This is going to be my fav piece by you , dear G.
    Every word is a home truth. Beautifully penned by the Princess of Prose.

  2. Good morning G. Another wonderful excerpt of Glass Lovers.

    Your character is correct; the passions of the flesh do exhaust. True love consists of so much more; spiritual, intellectual, and perhaps creative connections. As you said the connection of the soul can bond forever.

    Beautifully written, with enough intrigue to keep us wanting more.

    1. Good morning Drew.

      I hope it is a good one 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words. Glad you agree with me 🙂

      May you have an inspiring day!

  3. So, so breathtaking today, my dear G! Honestly it’s raw and gorgeous and I am stunned by this prose today.

    I particularly liked, “caught in a perpetual rush to justify our existence.”


    1. Aw.. my dearest K… thank you so much for your beautiful words. You do know how to touch my heart and I am so grateful for that.

      May you have a lovely day!

      1. I already have a pending mail, two. 🙂
        I don’t want to bombard you with my mails. Along with our musical project, I want to do a video as well. Unlike last time, I want to shoot my own video, landscapes. I want it so bad. But with video Im not as confident as the music. But I want to. 🙂

      2. I saw your email. I am sorry for not replying promptly. Too many things going on this week.
        Know one thing: you are unbelievably talented. You can do it. I look forward to our project. I’ll get back to you tonight, my dear friend 😊

      3. No, dont be. I totally get it. Even I have been so busy, I failed to meet the deadline that I set. Its embarrassing. Take your time my dear friend. And if you had time and managed go through the clip that I sent, then you should have some clue of what Im cooking . 🙂

  4. “caught in a perpetual rush to justify our existence”. – the struggle to be witnessed, not loved, just passion is enough- sigh… i want to swim in the depths of your words G.

  5. Most impressive lines”souls bods do.memories of African silky night gown in purple modeling my body…ah where are you,where are you now”amaging words like gems as a soul are calling other soul.wonderfully written,my dear friend G🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


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