mystic wedding #poem #poetry

we got married at midnight
waves washed our naked feet
your face was shaved, my hair smelled almonds
you cried
and tears covered my veiled lips

your grandmother’s cross was nesting on my breast
songs of nightingales resounded in the honeyed water
new pearls were braided on my dress
kisses flowed
and borrowed lace adorned my hips

leaves rustled in a tree
the water turned to wine
the moon rose from the sea
like at the mystic wedding
in Cana of Galilee



96 thoughts on “mystic wedding #poem #poetry

  1. stunning imagery G! though my thoughts veered to the morbid with the scent of almonds and pearls on a wedding dress. still the metaphors in your poem are just so exquisite.

    1. Thank you so much for reading Gina. Your comment means the world to me.
      “my thoughts veered to the morbid with the scent of almonds and pearls on a wedding dress” You felt that. You read me.

      Anyway, I am so happy you enjoyed the poem.
      Once again, my sincere thanks 🙂

  2. Hi, G – My attention to my ‘Reader’ a little haphazard nowadays – my reading/writing balance tilted well to the right – ah, things in the UK – getting more screwed up by the day – Brexit unravelling – no politician has a clue as to what to do! You know me, I say keep it simple and just up and leave!

    1. I am so glad you are writing. So I should expect something good to read soon.

      Well, Eric who caused this mess? I’ll say the leave side 🙂 But, yes I know you 🙂

      1. Quite the opposite – the establishment and their vested interests are seeking to undermine a democratic vote taken by so many to leave the EU and its myriad vagaries on a matter of principle – and if with no deal, so be it. As I say, quite simple, but of course simple things don’t happen in the UK – I guess May could call a National Emergency – but could anyone do that for something that isn’t!

      2. “National emergency” You scored here. I give you that.

        Anyway, my humble opinion is that the exit negotiations should have taken place before Article 50 was invoked.

        I am eagerly waiting to read your work 😊
        Have a good evening, Eric!

    1. Aw… my lovely K. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I am so glad you liked the poem. I hope your Friday is going well, dear.

    1. Aw…thank you so much my dear. I am touched by your kindness and your generosity ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Hearing that from you makes my evening. Thank you again.
        Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Good morning G. Pardon my tardiness. Beautiful images painted here in mystic wedding.

    I do need to make an appointment to speak to your hairdresser. My allergies and distaste for almonds will force to to witness the vows from afar.

    Beautiful write G. Have a beautiful day.

    1. Good morning, Drew. I hope it is a splendid morning full of love and magic.

      Thank you for your wonderful words.
      I made the appointment 🙂 I need to go too because I am also allergic to nuts. Lol.

      Thank you again. Be loved!

      1. I do not know how I am. I just got up.
        The question is how are you? How is the bachata going?

      2. Bahcata is good. Roosters woke me up this morning. Ate fresh eggs. Will pick avocados to eat with lunch. City boy trying to learn the laid back farm life.

        Well, I hope your day will be super inspired and full of sunshine and love.

      3. What? I want to be there too 🙂 Really it sounds wonderful! Like a dream. Enjoy every minute and thank you for your kind wishes!

      4. Farm life? It is stress free. Sleeping with an overhead fan. In fact the same fan that helped inspire “stirring thoughts,” with your famous coffee is getting cold line.

        It casn be inspiring here. I imagine the beauties you would write here. Sigh.

      5. Stress free? What is that?
        Seriously, I really would love to be there. My souls amplifies all those imagines.. almost paradise… I am dreaming now.

      6. Oh, what poetry this may inspire….I can imagine what you would write if you could here the whispers of the palm trees………whispers of palm tree…….Yes, I will write about that.

        Thanks for the inspiration.
        You need to be stress free. Plan a vacay.


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