shooting stars #poem #poetry

why would you come?
what do you think you can do here?
dark shadows battle in the mirrors
the walls are red
the laughter’s a bright yellow
wax candles waltz into my tears
a silver coin rotates on my dark table
the Spanish chest is filled with photographs
there is no room on my bookshelves
for other loves

bring the sweetness of kisses stolen in dark alleys
the snow in ghastly cemeteries is too high
the spleen of those who’ve never known what love is
(souls fly the sky when children play with kites)
the gnostic knowledge of the ones who died
your poems breathing solitude and myrrh
the untranslated birth of shooting stars

i see the stars
are you already here?

image: ROMAN NOGIN/Shutterstock


35 thoughts on “shooting stars #poem #poetry

    1. My dearest K! Thank you for your generosity! Always here for me.
      I am really glad you enjoyed the poem.
      A great Friday to you too💕🌷🌺

  1. Good afternoon G. Apologies for my late appearance. Feeling a little under the weather.

    This was another gorgeous piece as usual. Beautiful images, wonderful finale. Great flow.
    Feel a little bad for those spleens of the people who will never know love.

    Have a beautiful weekend. You always inspire.

    1. Good evening, Drew
      No need for apologies. Hopefully you feel better by now.
      Thank you for the praise!
      May your weekend be filled with love.

      1. You are welcome. Inspiration? You are too kind. I slept most of the day. I just got up. And I am going back to bed soon 🙂

        Take care of you, Drew!

    1. Thank you so much! May you have the most joyous and beautiful season ever. Merry Christmas 🎁 🎄


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