the gypsy girl #poem #poetry

there was a field of poppies
maybe a meadow of cherries
or maybe it happened right by the sea
mama was pregnant
thrills of house sparrows
rested on her heavy breasts
moons and stars around her waist
and nobody heard
what the gypsy girl said
her voice was soft
her lips
strawberry taste
winds playfully ruffled her shiny dress
and mama left
believing i would be born under the brightest star
i would conquer worlds from near and afar
yet the gypsy girl miscalculated by one grade
and fated me to love you till the end


image: Bespaliy/ShutterstockΒ 


49 thoughts on “the gypsy girl #poem #poetry

    1. Hey there, David! I am so glad to hear from you.
      Thank you for your wonderful comment! I am delighted you enjoyed the piece.
      I hope all is well. Busy time πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words, Drew.

      Good evening.
      I think I just rested up. πŸ™‚ Still, I do not want Monday to come.

      I hope you are felling better. Take good care of you.

      May your evening be filled with joy!

  1. A beautiful, surprising piece honey.
    I love when I don’t know where a poet is going and then I reach the destination and just breathe a nice, soft aahh…

    Lovely. Such a poet you are


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