at the edge of winter #poem #poetry

at the edge of winter
bridal chambers cry
roasted chestnuts crack
in the frigid streets
days inside my soul
come and go like ships
broken hearts lament
right at my front door
did i leave you there?

i can’t remember
what i’ve done with you
at the edge of winter
a tree is sick with flu


image: Nelson garrido Silva/Shutterstock


73 thoughts on “at the edge of winter #poem #poetry

    1. Thank you, Shantanu! I really appreciate your praise.
      I think it gives me a peak too 🙂
      Take care, my friend!

    1. Good afternoon, Andrew!
      Thank you!
      “Not the first time I have been easily misplaced” LOL! You are adorable.
      Enjoy your Sunday!

      1. “This is unusual for me” I believe that.
        Know I fight hard for your comments. I need to go to the dashboard to extract them. That is unusual for me 🙂

        A restful weekend to you too, Andrew!

    1. Aw… you are here. Thank you so much my lovely Y, my forever Queen of Poetry🌸
      You know how much your words mean to me.
      May you have a magical weekend

  1. your opening line caught me, it drew me into the depth of this poem and love its repetition at the end, at the edge of anything is a pivotal moment indeed.


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