i will walk on Via Dolorosa #poem

i’d like to be the sounds of waves

which crash into a mountain on an island

i want my pain to wash ashore

a naked pearl extracted from its shell

still agonizing in your soul

i’d like to be Cassandra and like her

to utter prophesies that will come true

in times of war and of despair

i’d like my voice to rip the sky

to shutter our world of luscious mud


love me for a single night

like you’ve never loved before

bite my wrists and tear my clothes

and in the morning

i will walk on Via Dolorosa

my feet will stumble on a cleat

my lips will kiss dried blood

from a handkerchief


in the in the middle of the street



imagine:  TeodorLazarev/Shutterstock


45 thoughts on “i will walk on Via Dolorosa #poem

  1. Ah. Such longing. Such yearning in such stupendous words. It’s poetry at its finest , a mist elegant asking. You will always be my queen of poetry.

    1. My Dearest Y, your words always brighten my day. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.
      You will always be my queen of poetry. I hope you know that.

  2. I love the allusions. You’re so good at that. I also love these lines –

    i want my pain to wash ashore

    a naked pearl extracted from its shell

    still agonizing in your soul

    Fantastic imagery

  3. Good morning dear G. I had to digest this with two cups of coffee. One was not enough to accompany the magnitude of this magnificent poem. Powerful, enchanting, breathtaking. Full of emotions and masterful imagery. Like a broken record, I will say it again, this was your best.

    It is more powerful with every reread.

    1. Good morning, Drew! Two cups of coffee will make you think that my poem is beautiful. LOL Was it Bustelo?

      Drew, thank you so much for the praise! I don’t have enough words to thank you for your support and to tell you how much it means to me.

      You are always so good to me.
      May your day be a fabulous one!

      1. Bustelo, of course.

        Your writing is deserving of such praise. And this one….sigh….is worthy of flowers raining from the heavens.

        You have a gorgeous one too. Stay inspired; it helps me to do the same.

      2. I need to try Bustelo one day. I really do.
        Thank you again and hopefully I’ll read a post of yours on Monday. I need to stay inspired too.

      3. I am sure it will be a worthy read.
        Now, who’s the Poetic Siren? Lol. You don’t need to answer. I am kidding 😉

    1. I am very grateful to you for taking the time to read and comment. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


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