Destinies #flash fiction #short prose

Our destinies caught in the deep lines of my left palm.


With my right index finger, I trace those lines again and again, until I cannot breathe anymore, until my left palm bleeds.


None of us can be judged outside endless flights between continents, outside of our tears and of our love for art, outside of the slippery slope that runs from amitiΓ© amoureuse to deep impassioned love.


One day all of us will have to understand that the past should stay in the past. That day is inscribed in my left palm together with our pain, and our tendencies toward the kind of love that transcends any earthly boundaries.


Excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers (draft)



59 thoughts on “Destinies #flash fiction #short prose

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment and for asking. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a while.
      Wising you a fabulous day!

  1. I so can relate to this.IN our tradition it says that the left palm holds the lines to our past and the right holds the power for healing and future. So well written.

    1. Thank you kindly, my dear Megha! It’s always a pleasure a hear from you and to learn from you!

  2. I love these, when I read something like this, there is always that change in the tone of my voice, an artistic voice takes over my voice. Am I the only one?

    1. Thank you so much, my dear friend. Your comment means so much to me. I am so grateful to you for your words!
      Are you the only one? I cannot speak for others.

      Anyway, on a total different note I agree with you. I will write a new set of lyrics.
      Talk to you soon and thank you once again my friend!

      1. I was asking you. Do you experience it when you come across something like this?
        Before I came here I was listening a song, it was so nice that I had to my reaseach on it. The story behind it was absolutely heart breaking, It was on my mind. What i want to tell is I was already on that environment, your excerpt fed more to it.
        I’ll share it with you.

      2. I see what you’re saying. Yes, my friend, it happens to me too, and very often.
        I can’t wait to hear the song. I’m sure it will touch my heart.

      1. Yes! I was! Was looking at how many lines there actually are in my little hand and wondering about all the lines that cross straight over my “lifeline”

    1. Thank you, Drew! I am really glad you enjoyed it.
      Your support means a lot to me! You know that.
      Make the best of your day πŸ™‚


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