i’m coming after you #poetry

i’m coming after you

my nails will scratch your shoulders

when sunsets fall over the Taj Mahal

that’s when you first will feel my soul

that’s when

the goddess once dethroned from our earth

will make you feel the pain

of those whose dreams were planted

in an empty bowl


i’m barging into memories of your past loves

my breast heaves under my silver armor

my lips shiver on your naked skin

my eyes bite from your blue veins

poems which you wrote in other lives

lined up like soldiers ready for the battle

against the Hellenistic decadence

which creeps into my laughter


there are no stars to help you

the moon is turning blue

you think you’ve ever loved?

i’m coming after you



imagine: Anna Ismagilova/Shutterstock


63 thoughts on “i’m coming after you #poetry

      1. Thank you my dear friend, you are so sweet! The truth is that I cannot wait to see another collaboration ready. I’ll get back to you soon!

  1. Good afternoon. As always your writing leaves me breathless and inspired to write. Wish you would enter my memories and vanquish all that no longer belongs there.

    Everyday you don’t write, you are missed.

    1. Good afternoon, Drew.
      As always very grateful to you. Thank you for reading and appreciating!
      Have a fabulous afternoon, evening, and night…
      The best Cuban sandwiches are at the Biltmore Hotel in the Gables. In case you are interested 🙂

  2. I feel as if I was taken away by a wind that blew my mind through your words as they called out from the page. Amazing stuff. You make me want to read more poetry 🙂

  3. the words you use and the metaphors you employ are so different from the ones I read on WP! Great, and unique style of poetry you got..

  4. Wonderful dear!!do you know-Tajmahal is looked in full moon’s night.plz try to write on this topic.perhaps you dicribe about Tajmahal a symbol of expression of love but it is really the symbol of love n i like it too very much.my kind friend!!♫♫♫♫♫


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