passions #poetry

I seek you
like roots seek water
the thirst which blasts within the rhythms of castanets
in Andalusia of the flamenco dancers dressed in red
I see you
the face of the lost stranger
dissimulating grief in autumn shadows
killed by the aurora borealis in the southern hemisphere
I feel you
dreams of wild young tigers
ravaging the flesh of prey with their teeth
in the Sahara of my burning suns the fate plays games
I chase you
the hands of nightly ghosts insinuate onto my skin
I drag you
into the lands of spells which crawl
passions strike
till all is left from us
are ashes in a bowl



36 thoughts on “passions #poetry

    1. My dearest Y! Thank you so much for the praise. You know that every word coming from you brightens my day!
      May my Queen of Poetry have a day filled with sunshine and love!

      1. Ouch.. I don’t know what’s up with my site. I cannot reply to your last comment but here:

        “The queen of romance should have her knight in shining armour.” Ay… you are so sweet. Where do I buy a shining armor? Where do I get a knight from my dear Y?


        You are the best, Y!

    1. My lovely K, thank you so much for your great comment! Yes I like that phrase too.
      Have a gorgeous day! 💐🌷🌺

  1. Laughing over here, Because I added my comment last night and I see it didn’t post.

    This was truly beautiful. Your writing is inspirational.
    I hope to write poetry as beautiful as you do one day.

    1. Thank you for the high praise, Drew. It means a lot to me.
      I just found your comment, and I was very pleased!

      1. You too!
        Before I can have a “day” I have to wake up, 🙂 I’m working on. 🙂
        May your day be gorgeous and filled with sunshine!

      2. Of course. Happy to know that you want to do that.

        Looking forward to reading your next post!


      3. Yes, I do.

        As for the next post….
        Oh, on Thursday I will announce that I will be busy for 4 weeks. I have guests in my home. Also will be traveling to Rhode Island, Niagara Falls, and Miami.

        But I will be reading blogs. Just not posting.

      4. You will be missed!
        Enjoy your guests and safe travels!
        Have a great time in Miami 🙂


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