The Chronicle of a Disaster Foretold #Excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers

“Stop it, Angelo, stop it! What did you want me to do?

Wrap myself in the in French flag and sing La Marseillaise?

Write a book called “The Chronicle of a Disaster Foretold” and let the entire world know that Jacques was going to fall in love with me?

I am telling you that no matter what things would have happened the way they happened!”

I was enraged: my lips cracked, my body tensed, my dress pinching my skin like I was attacked by an army of red ants.


Miguel entered the room.

For a moment his green eyes reflected incredulity. He looked at Angelo, eyebrows raised, his left index finger pointing toward me.

“Why is Clara standing on the middle of the table?”

Ah, Miguel and that dreamy quality of his voice always bringing back our non-ending nights of love.

Angelo tried to put a rebel lock of his black curly hair back in his ponytail.

I did not move. Miguel did not take his eyes from him.

I do not know how much time we stood like this.

Finally, Angelo spoke: his voice raspy like he was awakened from a dream.

“Oh, Clara? Clara is just being Clara.”


Excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers.




24 thoughts on “The Chronicle of a Disaster Foretold #Excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers

  1. Good morning. Hope you the sounds of birds singing served as your alarm clock today.

    Wonderful to read another excerpt of your manuscript. Your writer’s voice never intrudes. Your fresh descriptions never slow down the flow of the story. With the mere act of Clara standing on a table you cleverly injected tidbits of characterization from the reactions of all three characters. Clara (on the table being Clara), Miguel (incredulity), and Angelo (nonchalant). Very smart. Very polished.

    Can’t wait to sit in Starbucks with a latte in one hand and your novel in the other.
    Have a wonderful day G.

    1. Good morning! Indeed the birds woke me up!
      I hope your morning is wonderful as well.

      Thank you for your beautiful comment.
      I am grateful to you for taking the time to read, and delighted that you enjoyed it.

      Can’t wait to sit in a Starbucks and read your novel.
      I usually get ice coffee with heavy cream instead of milk, no classic. 🙂

      Looking forward to reading the promised excerpt from your novel!
      Have a glorious day!

      1. Always delighted to read your excerpts. My day is going to be a bit of a challenge since I am about to visit a very sick friend in the hospital. (Feeling guilty about my trip.)

        As for my novel and the promised excerpt, it should be late October or early November. It is ready to post, but I want to copyright it with the Library of Congress first.

        Hoping you will like my story about eternal love and reincarnation. I was misty eyed while reading a few chapters earlier this morning when your excerpt arrived on my phone.

        Heavy cream? Will have to give it a try.
        Reading your reply, the G in glorious stood out to my blurred eyes. How sweet. Have a beautiful one G.

      2. I am very sorry to hear about your friend. I wish him/her well and a speedy recovery.

        “late October or early November” You are making me wait 🙂
        “the Library of Congress” You are definitely doing the right thing.
        Oh, I am sure I will like your story! Eternal love and reincarnation are among my favorite topics!
        As for the heavy cream give it a try, and let me know 🙂
        May the sun shed love on you today!

      3. I hope the sun does just that. Thank you. Especially, since the 10 day weather forecast for Cancun has 90-100% chance of rain everyday.

        Guess I will be writing more than I planned. Which means you will be having to put up with more of my poetry. Smiling.

      4. Never been to Cancun, but rain is warm and silky in those areas 🙂 May you have a wonderful trip and be inspired (in the rain) 🙂

    1. Hello, my lovely K! Thank you so much for reading. I am so glad you liked it.
      “splendid as always” Such high praise. Thank you again!
      Have a wonderful weekend filled with beauty and love!


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