passions #poetry


i seek you

like roots seek water

the thirst which blasts into the rhythms of castanets

in Andalusia of the flamenco dancers dressed in red

i see you

the face of the lost stranger

dissimulating grief in autumn shadows

killed by the aurora borealis in the southern hemisphere

i feel you

dreams of wild young tigers

ravaging the flesh of prey with their teeth

in the Sahara of my burning suns the fate plays games

i chase you

blue hands of nightly ghosts insinuate onto my skin

i’m dragging you into the lands of spells which crawl

passions strike till all is left from us

are ashes in a bowl





Scents of flowers and of salt (Poetry and music collab) — Despite my deepest thoughts

My Dear Readers,

Poetry and music: a collaboration with my dear friend Ankit Thapa.

Title: “scents of flowers and of salt

Music, production, arrangements: Ankit Thapa

Lyrics and recitation: me (short-prose-fiction)


I would be truly grateful to you if you take 2 minutes to listen to our work.

Very few of you know that I am not a native speaker of the English language. I ask for

your understanding.

Thank you!



pain is dripping from guitars

into sunsets with no end

pigeons guide ships lost at sea

tears drop from plumy skies…

love is blowing in the wind

scents of flowers and of salt



to the night of oleanders

to the magic of the key which turns

take me to the kiss of no return

when the sky is turning blue

and we’re centuries apart

let me kneel in front of you


imagine: NeagoneFo/Shutterstock


Very happy and excited to present you guys my/our first collab of its kind. Working on this project with Short prose-fiction was such a great experience. I hope you’ll enjoy our combined efforts. Music, production and arrangement – Ankit Lyrics and recitation – Short prose-fiction Lyrics Pain is dripping from guitars into sunsets with no end […]

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Lack of Boundaries # Excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers (66 words)

Jacques, Miriam, Miguel, and I: What can I say?

As time passed we became like tropical lianas hanging on a giant tree. We used to think that it was the tree of friendship and love.


Once Jacques said:

“It is nonchalance that destroys love and friendship.”

To which Miguel replied:

“No, it is the lack of boundaries.”

Time was going to prove him right.




imagine: KireevArt/Shutterstock



find me #poetry


find me

inside the majesty of time

among the gestures of demoted lovers

winds are pushing boats to shore

letters written now by others…

into the lacy folds which your hands touch

kisses fall on golden strips

the sensuality of swans which float on lakes

yours lips playing from old scripts


find me

inside the hearts of sailors who will not return

among the brides left lonely at the altars

Mount Everest is gathering its clouds

twilights sink into red moons

choirs sing on lively tunes


find me

in the letters of your name

scents of tangerines perfume my hair

my body speaks of silk and cries

for centuries have passed

since I have seen

your darling eyes




imagine: nodff/Shutterstock


in the between of yesterday and of tomorrow #poetry


on my skin

the saps of lonely moons are flowing

your kisses turn and toss into the wind

my silky dress is ruffled on the bed

my stockings sigh in your wild dreams


the lovers of Verona are a myth

a flower fantasizes in my hair

in green the trees design the sky

and lassitude is hanging on the leaves


in the between

of yesterday and of tomorrow

the tempo of your kisses slows

in red your blood colors my veins

somewhere under this world of ours

we’ve learned the secret trapped

in earthen grains



imagine: nodff/Shutterstock