without you #poetry

kisses choke

in juices cried by heavy grapes

sarcastic laughter

impregnates the air

a lonely silky stocking

falls in lassitude

dreams are blue

this autumn comes

without you



image: Anna Ismagilova/Shutterstock


47 thoughts on “without you #poetry

    1. Good morning! Ah, my dear friend, I am so glad you liked it. I hope it touches hearts!
      And I hope your coffee was great this morning! On to your blog!

      1. Currently brewing. I was tempted to wait for it before reading your post, but like a kid on Christmas, I couldn’t control myself and started reading. This was so touching. Loved the details. You paint enchanting images here.

      2. You are so sweet. Thank you!
        I forgot about the coffee after I read your poem. I am gobsmacked by it. I still need time to recollect myself.

      3. Haha! I do not use that word too often. I just thought that in this case it was the right word.
        Don’t let your coffee to get cold πŸ™‚

  1. Tragically beautiful, perfect candidate for my little deciphering hobby. On my second read I could hear the violins playing along. I found this so special that I wanted to reblog it but you don’t have a reblog button.

    1. Thank you so much my dear friend! You warm my heart! I hope is good enough for a violin!
      Thank you for wanted to reblog. I destroyed my reblog button by installing a crazy plugin. WP says I cannot get back. Now people share my posts from the reader.
      Anyway, keep your guitar playing! Can’t wait to see your next post!

    1. Thank you Eric! You are not that simple if you get astonished by my words. Am I not the apex of modesty? Haha! On the other hand I am always astonished by your posts! So there!
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart again!

      1. I’m a bit confused here, dear B. I I hope you are talking about kindness!

    1. My Dear Pradita, glad to hear from you!
      Thank you for reading. I am very grateful for your kind words. Take care! G

    1. Cancun is more inspirational than I am! I am sure by now you are wrapped in the silky veils of poetry and beauty!
      Your muse had too much work
      to do! Kind apologize!
      I hope you had a dreamy stay.
      When back?

      1. Good morning!

        I agree Glad to hear that the stay has been wonderful!
        Have a great weekend too!


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