Love Call #morning fantasy

I awake under the cap of a mushroom.

Its spores surround me like stalactites hanging from the ceiling of a cave.

Rubbing his forewings, a cricket chirps.

Is that you calling for me?

I know it’s you. You must be hiding in the grass!

Come out!

Every evening I’ll bathe your body in milk and honey.

Every morning I’ll dress you in a cloak woven from mulberry silk. I’ll grow wings around your ankles, so you can fly above the Himalayas.

Late night I’ll rub ginger oil onto your skin; every stalactite will fall in love with you.

At midnight when the Siamese purrs on my left thigh, I’ll dip my fingers into rose oil and mend your wounds.

We’ll kiss in the fragrance of leaves, roots, and ripened berries.

Why aren’t you answering?

Where are you hiding?

Come out!



image: bruniewska/Shutterstock


32 thoughts on “Love Call #morning fantasy

  1. Good morning. Damn, you saw me in the grass. Sorry bad joke.

    That spores/stalactites line was imagery perfection, but that line of “every stalactite will fall in love with you.” This is a statement of love beyond words, poetry, and literature.
    You are such an awesome poet. Some day I hope to write half as good as you. Then, I may dare call myself a poet. This was priceless.

    1. Good morning! You are showering me with compliments! Thank you so much! Know you are a great poet, and a great friend!
      Wishing you a fabulous day!

    1. Thank you, Eric! ” re-adjusting, to be all that can be, till whole again …” This is what I like the best! I truly do!


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