Lonely Sundays #midnight fantasy

Tears from the ankle of an iceberg fell on my body.

They crust on my skin like cold wax on a rack of votive candles.

Seconds hurt like lonely Sundays.

I lie in bed.

A canopy of wild roses scents the air.

My dreams burn like your body used to burn in our nights of love.

I feel you.

The pupils of my eyes dilate under the gravity of time.

Mercury and Venus turn the wheels of love.

Crusts of wax melt on the silky sheets.

Your kisses bloom violet waterlilies on my skin.

I taste figs and wild forest.

The wing of an egret covers us.

The room moves on another parallel.

Is it morning?

Is it Sunday?

Where are you?



image: bruniewska/Shutterstock


54 thoughts on “Lonely Sundays #midnight fantasy

  1. Good morning. You have taken a subject as sad and gray as loneliness/longing and transformed it into a rainbow of poetic beauty. Seconds hurt like.lonely Sundays, Awesome descriptive line that summed it up so perfectly with a brevity of words. I can so relate. Your writing always paints these amazing images with grand brush strokes from your soul.

    1. Good morning! Thank you! I like that line too. It says it all. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday 🙂

      1. No tears from the ankle of an iceberg have fallen on me, so I have to say Sunday has started off pretty well. I hope your Sunday is full of sunshine and smiles, and nothing mentioned in your inspiring poem.

  2. Okay my dear friend, lemme tell you a thing, I like it so much when thoughts and feelings are expressed this way, deciphering lyrics of a song and sometimes old poetry having such potential, I relish that. my thirst takes me to forums after forums and reddit just to accomplish that, reading your work gives me the same opportunity. Oh I hope I made this one clear. 🙂 🙂

    1. Ok. Now I know. Thank you so much for your kind words my dear friend! I hope you had a great weekend!
      On another note, maybe by the end of the year we can do another collaboration. What do you say?

      1. My weekend is on thu and fri, i work on sat and sun, I had a refreshing one. I hope you had a great one.
        I would love to collaborate with you again, It would be such an honor if I could sing to your lyrics by the end of the year. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      2. Glad you had a great weekend! I can’t sing. I can recite. Can mix the music with my voice.? Just a suggestion? 🙂

      3. That would be great, I can mix your voice with the music. I am currently tinkering with a musical piece that would fit for that purpose.

      4. Great! If you want you can send it to me when ready. I can write a poem, recite it….we’ll work it out 🙂

      5. Okay, I’ll finish my current project in a day or two, then I’ll start recording the piece for our collab, hopefully next week. It will be a demo.

  3. “Tears from the ankele of iceberg fell on my body……”from begning to end all poem is amazing.i can feel dt iceberg in lonely sunday. Some touch of feeling as alone after losting something.nearer to my heart – i feel,my dear friend!!🌹

  4. ah, in this poetry the principles of seduction are imposed … that is why I place my palms on the stained glasses and my palms are painted in purple. like fruits, ripening summer, for my eyes in another season. ah, your poetry just inspires!

    1. Mr dear B, thank you so much for your wonderful words! “the principles of seduction”, I may steal this phrase from you, may I? Thank you again for the generous comment!

      1. ah, dear G, why would you want to steal your gift? the pleasure of reading and sharing is exceptional and only mine!

      2. Oh, it was a gift for me! Thank you very much! That is very kind of you!!!!!

      3. Oh, that’s a very modest gift. you deserve much more! one rose, one ocean, one universe! very small things, against the backdrop of your talent!!!


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