Love in blue and black – A collab — Despite my deepest thoughts

Poetry and music: a collaboration with my dear friend Ankit 

my love,

i speak to you through centuries of pain

trees are spinning barren branches in the air

when loneliness rains on blue hills

i crush my heart

so yours can still beat


ocean waves embrace the moon’s pale chest

instead of tears

i shed naked pearls

so i can wash the effigy of your acoustic agony

and mend the painful scratches from your skin

with my imaginary fingers

in blue and black the time i bend

and no matter who i am

a human or a spirit

i swear to you

i’ll love you till the end.



41 thoughts on “Love in blue and black – A collab — Despite my deepest thoughts

      1. Aw… Thank you so much. The music and the painting are the work of my friend Ankit ! I just wrote the poem!

  1. This was a total work of art from start to finish. The drawing, the poetry, the music. Haunting, hypnotic, and inspiring. A gorgeous post by two good friends. I am so lucky to follow the two of you. Bravo.

  2. No matter who I am; human or spirit I swear I will love you to the end. Sorry for para phrasing. Those perhaps, are the most gorgeous lines I have read since I returned to
    blogging in January, and believe me, I have read thousands of poems.
    This is a complete and beautifully artistic collab. It has everything the great haunting image. The perfect poetry (of eternal love). The gorgeous music.
    My two friends have blown me away.

    1. Aww…my dear friend! Thank you so much for your praise! I actually love those lines too.😊
      And good afternoon to you! Almost noon here. Hope you enjoyed your coffee. 😊
      I had an ice coffee (cold😊) with extra heavy cream today. I should have gotten a Bustelo!
      Enjoy your afternoon!

      1. Smiling. Good afternoon. Coffee was good and warm, though an ice coffee would have made more sense. The heat has been unbearable.
        Changing the subject, this was gorgeous. Your writing leaves one spellbound. 😊
        Happy Sabado. 😎

  3. This is such a lovely collaboration. The words and the music…made for each other. Really enjoyed this magical piece.

  4. perfect collaboration between text and music. the picture strengthens the suggestion. maybe from the moon, but my association is for Pink Floyd music … I swear a very strong message but I love the image of blue hills!

  5. Beautiful painting,music .the wordings are amazing.all are the souls ,my dear friend!! Human is only a puppets.end of life,human is is related only soul n you are lovely soul related to Supersoul n dis situation is with your beloved .do you agree with me?my dear friend!!


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