i want to die alone #poetry

i want to die alone
on a dark pebble shore
a thousand frantic seagulls
will sing my mass
(my gravediggers)
will exult
the gravity of nonexistent stars
will bury me
into the scents of salt and fruit
and when my fearless Spanish angel
takes me to the altar of the moon
i will forget the misery i’ve lived
and never be reborn


image:  Atelier Sommerland/Shutterstock


67 thoughts on “i want to die alone #poetry

  1. Nothing is forgotten. Nothing can be forgotten. With the pain of reading, I stay on the farthest shore where the Moon is just an illusion. Lonely.

  2. Good morning. Another lovely write. I am certain that when your time finally comes, many more than just a thousand seagulls will be frantic. Also, enjoyed the lines of forgetting the misery you lived on the alter of the moon. It can imply so many things. Well done.
    As for me. I just hope I die of love.

    1. Good morning, Drew! Thank you for your kind words! Before you die of love, may your every day be filled with love!
      I am working from my iPhone.
      Did you post?

      1. Yes, I did post. Hope it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable in any way.
        I hate blogging from the phone. I am a computer guy through and through.
        Thanks for your kind wishes. Hope the same for you.

      2. I saw the post. Thank you so much for the acknowledgement.
        You are so kind to me.
        I tried to comment from my iPhone but it did not work. Before I get to my computer I will say this: the longing for that somebody that we’ve never met marvelously captured in your words. Great poem Drew! All yours!

      3. It’s a gorgeous piece! Thank you once again!
        Get back to your coffee! Make sure it does not get cold😊😊😊

      4. I took them! I changed my mind. No pancakes. Let’s go French🥐

    1. Thank you so much Eric! Haha! That’s the kind of hell I am used to. Love reading you too. Oh, I love your 🎩

  3. I’m enthralled by the communion with nature that takes place after the death, with the animals singing the mass and digging the grave, then being buried in the scent of salt and fruit, even being taken to the alter of the moon. Trying to imagine the sights, sounds, and atmosphere as all this happens is kind of chilling. This would definitely be a lovely funeral.

    1. Thank you so much, David! You are right. I did try to capture the communion with nature after the death. A very meaningful communion at least for me. You read me so well. Thank you again 😊

    1. Ah, my darling K, you are so kind to me. Thank you! I enjoyed your today’s poem tremendously! You are so talented, my dear. 🌸🌷🙏🌺💐

      1. You’re so very welcome!! 😊 and I always try to leave messages that I would love to receive… but when it’s friends I’m afraid my honesty turns into gushing 😅 all the best to you today! 🌸🌸🌸

      2. Thank you, my dear! Can I ask you a favor? I am no my iPhone and I am not able to see my site. Could you please check it for me See if you can reach the entire site. Only if you have time my dear. 🌷🌸💐🌺

      3. Certainly! I checked both in the app and a web browser just to be sure, because WP was buffering for me; but it looks like everything is all there and running smoothly. Hope that helps you! 😊🦋🦄

      4. Thank you so much, k! Have a wonderful rest of the day 🌺💐🌸

  4. Well done my friend well done. I too shall die on a beach and my calling when the waves slap the shore with its silky hand hypnotizing you to the other side. Be well

  5. A touch of pain in d poem.love is a blessed gift given by God.but this love gives most pains; but i think that this pain is too a wonderful gift for a lovely heart.do you agree with me,dear friend.

  6. Somehow , there was sadness in this. I felt the pain that wrenched the heart. It’s deep and you write with depth of feeling.

    1. Thank you very much! I am thrilled you liked it!
      I would be very grateful to you if you can share it somehow. My reblog button disappeared and WP claims I cannot get it back.

  7. Amazing I love it a lot.. thank you for sharing this fabulous poem which indeed made death looks tempting…
    I actually capitalized the same topic in my latest post…feel free to sheck it out..
    Xoxo.. 🐙


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