geisha’s pleasures #poetry

it must be January for cherry blossoms open their wings

and melt into the pleasure quarters of your dreams

my face is painted in the purest white

carnations are my lips grown in the dark

my ornaments are birds of paradise

my body sleek

my eyes unspoken fantasies

oh, how well i know your eagerness to bite

you roar and toss on purple sheets

like tigers kept in cages for too long

don’t you know

that in the month of January

the earth cages the sun

my skin remains untouched

my joy is unconfined

and all I am is art?

i’m smiling…

what pleasures do you think that a geisha has in mind?



imagine: iordani/Shutterstock


41 thoughts on “geisha’s pleasures #poetry

  1. Good morning. That devilish last line made me smile big time. Sipping my coffee and admiring this great poem, thinking, you and your writing are works of art. Beautifully done, dear G.

    1. Thank you so much! You are a great friend! Make sure your coffee is not too hot. 😊 I do not want my friend to get hurt.

  2. of Okinawa when Fuji
    gathers the wings of the winter
    I see in the far January
    the diadem of your eyes
    of the Shamisen smoothly flies
    cherry blossom
    for the dream of my bed.

  3. Sakura is close to my heart and Geisha, well , it’s all so fascinating and more so, this epic verse of yours. Truly enchanting. G, you are something. 🙂👏🏻

    1. Thank you so much for your generous comment, my dearest. I am glad poetry brings us closer. ❤️🌺🌷🌹💐

    1. Thank you so much! I am delighted that you liked it. I still want to write like you, but I can’t. I do not know how you do it.


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