alter ego #poetry

my alter ego walks with you

dressed in water lilies

soaked in scented oils

dripping honey kisses

her upper lip elated coils

the strangled words of our love

flap like fish on marble tiles

(in the violet of a banal time)

and then they die

oh, this love of ours for which

you didn’t give

a dime



20 thoughts on “alter ego #poetry

  1. Well, here I was enjoying the images of your alter ego’s attire, then boom the unexpected finale. Bravo Amiga.
    Totally unexpected. A delight to read. It was a little of the fiction writer in you mixed in with the lovely poet.

    1. Good morning, amigo, and thank you so much for the high praise! May you have lovely day!

  2. oh, I do not know how to comment on this poem, which is a whirl of beauty and the finale that shoots me! I’m not sure about the meaning of the final, but I think this love may not give a penny, but there’s always one silver coin … beyond.

    1. Thank you for your marvelous comment, dear B! The silver coin. That is really for beyond!


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