i am the wounded healer #excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers

We were standing in the middle of the street.

The wind was blowing, cooling my skin, drying my lips, undoing my hair, unraveling my colored dress, melting away the earth tones of the afternoon air.

I looked at the buildings around us. Instantly they started deteriorating under our very eyes. They were growing older: channels entrenched into their facades, channels left by painful tears on wax faces.

Wet leaves caught in Miguel’s hair; the old laurel wreath of dead heroes.


Miguel stared at me believing that my love would save him.

I stretched my left arm and touched his cracked lips.

I whispered:

“I am the wounded healer who does not heal anymore.  I cannot save you. Go away, go to the end of this world, and wait for me there. Between two lives, between two centuries, between two sufferings, I’ll look for you. I’ll find you, and then I’ll heal you. Now, I am just the wounded healer who does not heal anymore. He who touches me dies.”

Tears were falling from his eyes.

Around us mounds of ocre humid sand.

No buildings were left.



21 thoughts on “i am the wounded healer #excerpt from the manuscript Glass Lovers

    1. GM! And thank you for reading! Hopefully I will find the time to finish the manuscript!

      1. Sorry, good morning. Haven’t had my Bustelo yet. Once the building started deteriorating I was hooked. “The wounded healer who can no longer heal, Great concept. Original. Makes a reader curious. Happy I didn’t miss this. Bravo Amiga.

      2. Gracias a un gran amigo! Is this correct? I haven’t had my vitamins yet 🙂 Enjoy your Bustelo!

    1. Aw… Thank you kindly! Words coming from an accomplished writer like you mean a lot to me!


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