I will wait for you #poetry

i will wait for you inside the garden of my dreams

knitting scented flowers in the loops of time

rivers of sweet memories will flow

onto the grass which grows on our past

every morning the fresh song of nightingales

will braid white roses in my silky hair

brought by the winds of the Levant

delicious smell of mint and honey on my skin

as years pass my suitors will leave

in precious vases i will soak

the words that you and I have shared

my fragile hands will build a bed for us

mixing aromas of sunsets and grains

and when in the arms of other women, you will be

a tear i will shed and then i’ll wait…

it rained sweet raspberries last night

and in the island of Barthelemy

somebody said my name’s Penelope



imagine: Timur Kulgarin/Shutterstock


24 thoughts on “I will wait for you #poetry

  1. very gentle and beautiful poem as a song sung by Calypso … oh, what I do not understand is the reason for the presence of the island of Barthelemy, which remains for me somehow isolated in the general context. At least for me, this island has nothing to do with anything. I am surprised by the need to clarify who Penelope is! I think Homer’s Odyssey is a famous book all over the world. Regardless of my notes, the poem is a delight to the senses and to the mind!

    1. My dear B, thank you so much for your kind words, and for your critique. If I may- the reference to the island of Barthelemy is just a poetic licence (my freedom to depart from the facts of a matter). As for the need to clarify Penelope’s identity I prefer not to engage your argument. Very grateful to you for reading my poem!

    1. Dear Anthony, thank you so much for your kind words! I am really delighted that you enjoyed my poem!

    1. Thank you. It will probably take a while till I start posting again. However I will be happy to participate in the new daily prompt. I tried several times but I was confused with respect to the link. Glad you send it to me!😊


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