i want my body burned #poetry

i want my body burned on pyre

a Viking boat will take me far on the cold sea

i want to leave my grave goods for the poor

and take the pain which branded their souls

into a bursting aurora borealis fire

i want to feel the sobs of the North Pole.


i want to burn inside the rhythms of the flamenco

flame in the dancers’ passion in the streets of old Córdoba

i want to entertain rich masters for a piece of bread

drowned in the silent cries of those who are misunderstood

i want the desperation of the dancers dressed in red.


and you, the one who always claimed to know

what powers lie inside the jungle of my soul

you’ll fade into your own acoustic lamentations

the fated day when i, the queen of sufferers, proclaim

that in the sanctity of the mandala

i want to disappear without a name.



image: Timur Kulgarin/Shutterstock


37 thoughts on “i want my body burned #poetry

  1. Extremely well done!!! Besides the imagery, which I believe you’re always phenomenal at, you absolutely nailed the diction today! I can’t quote you on anything because I loved it from start to finish. 💕

    1. Thank you so much my dearest K, I am thrilled you like it! As for my diction, I am learning from you.

      1. And you are a great writer, my dearest K! And do not forget you are important.

    1. You are showering me with compliments today! I am humbled by your words… and glad you like it !

  2. incredible poem! of the best, even better! strong images and strong messages out of time! magnificent poetic technique. stopping my heart with pain and passion!

    1. Aw… my dear B, thank you so much! I do not want your heart to stop. Many beautiful poems are waiting to be written by you!

      1. Only drunk half a cup – so engrossed in catching up with your posts – shows just how good your writing is! It’s 4.30 pm here, the sun is shinning, just off for a riverside walk the Thames just a mile and a bit downhill through the woods from me.

      2. Thank you! you are showing me with compliments! Riverside walk .. the Thames.. I did that several times.. I think I can do it again! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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