conquerors #poetry

the boat is shaking, and the wind is coiling

far is Phoenicia and its glassware

aromas of old cedar trees and wine,

silk, pomegranates, and dyes

the salt encrusted on your naked body

it hurts my lips

my nostrils flare

stop touching me!

into the dimmest light

my eyes can see the land that we will conquer

let’s anchor our boat

unload the cargo

and then let’s rest under the starry sky


tomorrow morning

rip the Tyrian purple from by body

make love to me like you have never done before

forget the hunger for the shores now left behind

we’ll build a home

we’ll mix the copper with the linen yarn,

with melons, and with apricots

we’ll sink into the fantasies

of all the conquerors who came before

we’ll light in silky skies the brightest sun

we’ll never die

for our children will be here

when others just like us

will come

and call this land

Costa del Sol.



24 thoughts on “conquerors #poetry

  1. The poem is incredible as depth, meaning and imagery. I will try to answer that way

    Oh, dear Lucia
    the rocky nose
    cutting stormy
    wanderer one
    says Flamenco

    for tomorrow

    His cry is a cry –
    of the sea
    The kick with a foot –
    in a red

    Oh, dear Lucia
    not wine but blood
    of men expires
    in sparks
    your velvet

    But the wanderer
    He weaves the earth

      1. Thank you very much for the wonderful words. This is just a quick experience! The pleasure is exclusive and only mine!

  2. Excellent as always! This is still a love poem, but it takes a different approach than previous poems. It expresses frustration with the loved one through the lines “it hurts my lips / my nostrils flare / stop touching me!” The metaphor is also harsher here. Rather than a wedding, or a dream, love is presented as the more violent act of conquering a land together, and longing for the place that was left behind. The lovers know they have challenges ahead and wish for a simpler, easier time, but the poem still has a hopeful tone because they know they will succeed in creating a new time of prosperity after the hurdle of conquering is past.There is some struggle, but the struggle is worth doing because things can be good again afterwards.

    1. Dear David, thank you for your wonderful words, and for taking the time the read my work. It means a lot to me! I am looking forward to reading your posts!

    1. I am humbled and pleased by your words, Eric! Come to think of it (because I like to tease you :)) did you guys sink the Spanish Armada – the Great and (not so) Most Fortunate Navy, or was it the weather? 🙂


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