marry me #poetry

when clocks announce mid-night

and lovers fall into a mystic scented sleep

run with me and let’s get married

in the blue forest of my dreams

let’s walk barefoot in the middle of the glen

look, frantic butterflies entangle in my hair

whispering fresh daisies drape my body

green leaves dress quietly your naked shoulders

the moon sets our altar among trees

crickets sing the symphony of love

like church choirs in the dusk

steel a star and set it on my finger

on the cobweb of yellowish moon rays

tree sap seals our union forever

your soul starts flowing into mine

let’s not move until the morning

when we will witness our bodies

merging into a fascinating cosmic tree

marry me!



image: Irina Alexandrovna/Shutterstock


61 thoughts on “marry me #poetry

  1. Oh, WOW!WOW!WOW! An astonishing magical tale told by the Blue Feud! Words roll like shimmering sapphires, and the cosmic sense of unity encompasses the whole being of the reader. The alchemical bride and groom are connected with a steel ring and they are togetherf from the pre-existence of time. Extremely inspiring as the music of Bach and Mendelssohn. Thanks for writing it!!!

    1. Awww…, thank you so much my dear B! I am thrilled with your analysis and delighted by your words. yes, the alchemical bride and groom. How did you know? I hope you understand that that’s a rhetorical question. Many thanks again for your wonderful words!

    1. Thank you so much! I am humbled by this nomination! I need some help here. When it comes to quotes: should they be quotes that I like from different writes, etc?

  2. This is so achingly romantic and so full of passion and only a fool would turn down such a breathtaking proposal.
    Loved it


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