i am the one #poetry

i am the voice of your past loves

resounding in your wildest fantasies

dressed in roses at the altar of your dreams

i am the one you’ve never had

my soul flows from the tears of the Nile

from the hands of children who still beg

through ruins, darkness, and deep pain

through wars which they will never understand

i am the last who will be saved

for i have sinned under the shadow of your cross

when Spanish fountains cry in the sunset

i am the Desdemona who you’ve never met

today Granada’s just the place

in which Garcia Lorca once was killed

i am the feather of a gold macaw bird

and in the city where bells toll

i am the one whose cries you’ve never heard




43 thoughts on “i am the one #poetry

  1. Heartbreaking! The sea is red from my blood for the children! And nothing is forgotten. But who believes in the blind Tiresias?

    1. Dear B, thank you for your wonderful comment! The blind Tiresias. There are various versions with respect to his blindness. One involves Athena. I am lost here. I am not sure how to interpret your comment.

      1. Oh, I see now. The focus is on his prophesies not on how he became blind.

  2. The imagery and the flow of the words in this poem are absolutely stunning. There’s so much beauty and so much sadness at the same time that I had to just stop and try to process everything. It really captures the loveliness of fantasy and the pain that comes from knowing the fantasy isn’t reality, and what’s interesting is that it seems to do so from the point of view of the fantasy. The “voice of your past loves” mourns because in reality they’re “the one you’ve never had” and “the one whose cries you’ve never heard.” Really creative!

    1. Dear David (if I may) thank you so much for taking the time to read and to comment on my poem. I am impressed and delighted by your interpretation. “the pain that comes from knowing the fantasy isn’t reality”. “it seems to do so from the point of view of the fantasy.” I could have not said it better. Thank you once again!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, and for giving me a chance to showcase my poem!

  3. I was here before.. But I could not bring myself to speak, as the ‘strong scent of your ink’ left me speechless.. The echoes of silent sobs, laments, screams and pleas heard between the lines pierced.

    And as I read on — in the old streets of Granada, I saw Moreyma crying out your poem to the listening cypress trees. Ah but the world is mute and the ‘voice’ unheard.

    Thank you for your presence!

    1. Awww… Thank you sooo much for this wonderful comment. I am humbled by your words.

  4. Amiga, this write is so inspiring. I have written a few notes and ideas that are blooming inside me. Would you mind if I write something using this premise, the ghosts of girlfriends past needing to make room for the girl I haven’t met?
    If it makes you feel uncomfortable I totally understand. I am planning on doing some writing in my solitude, and this gorgeous poem really connected with my heart and soul.

    Be well.

    1. Hi Drew, I hope everything is well with you. Sorry for my late reply. It does not make me uncomfortable at all. I am thrilled that this poem inspired you. Looking forward to reading your posts when back from vacation. Cheers!

      1. Hi Drew, thank you for your kind words. Everything is ok. Hope you are having a great time!

      2. Great to hear. I have some family issues that I have to take care of . My muse is getting impatient. 😊


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