sail me in your boat #poetry

i smell salt and mangoes

algae float on lips

humid sunset juices

linger on my body

sheets are soft like grass

in the breeding season

of passions made of glass


sail me in your boat

neurotic waves

washing on my breasts

when fires burn old altars

verse for me a moon

to wear it on my finger

breathe with me the waters

where love forever lingers.


16 thoughts on “sail me in your boat #poetry

  1. how can erotic-philosophical poetry be written in such a brilliant way? when every scent and the blue waves of the river ist far away … I do not know. but i breathe!

    1. Ay….. I am getting showered with compliments from you! Thank you so much for this wonderful comment. And please, breathe 🙂 beautiful poetry like yours needs to be written and read.


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