death in june #poetry

it’s june

and cherries ripen

under the burning moon

erotic pollen settles on the books

young girls are tossing in their sleep


and in the kingdom by the sea

there is no sign of Annabel*

the symbolism of the great poet dead

the verse a sensually braided thread


the grass is shedding tears

on my naked body

loneliness is weeping

at your feet

and in the kingdom by the sea

i’m slowly dying

longing for your kiss.


Reference to “Annabel Lee,” by Edgar Allen Poe


28 thoughts on “death in june #poetry

  1. the everlasting inspiration from the Raven, transformed into the most vivid symbolism!

    blooms the chrysanthemum in autumn
    in the kingdom by the sea
    my heart is dying

      1. ah, your comparisons … compare the tender fragrances of the orchids with the heavy ones:
        the scent of the burning pine? oh, inspiration and pleasure are mine!

      2. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! The poem that you posted today is beautiful. I have to give it another read.

      3. I read Mishima’s book. It’s good, but I can’t say I was impressed. Still looking at the South Cross… 🙂

  2. Oh this is so beautiful and artistically done. I loved the Original poem “Annabel Lee” by Poe too. Pain and yearning of the lost love has been defined beautifully..Brilliant.

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful words. They mean a lot to me! I love “Annabel Lee” too!


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