romance of the rose #collaborative poetry

“romance of the rose,”a poem in collaboration with bogpan. You can find more of his wonderful poetry on his blog.

the river runs and
washes the shadows from under your eyes
it turns you
into the goddess of roses
now you do not need makeup
not even a mask

without them you are magical

i just have to touch you
with the flames of my heart

soft fingers
of the forgotten winds of Levant
will bury us
in magic and roses
the milky color of your skin
our lips in the wind

fragrances of love
bloom in the river


16 thoughts on “romance of the rose #collaborative poetry

    1. Am I receiving compliments from my co-author? Thank you! I would say most of the credit goes to you! You are a magnificent poet.

      1. ah, compliments! only the truth and always the truth! Perfect work requires subtle sensuousness and grace! this is a major priority for an author! bow!

  1. This is a good read, I honestly like how you’ve written this, I am impressed with your style and sincerity. Thank you for sharing this. I am Ragazza, I hope you could also follow my blog page. Thank you so much. 🙂


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